Chicken House Equipment

(1) Egg collection equipmentChicken house equipment with a high degree of mechanization includes automatic egg collection by conveyor belts, which is efficient but has a high breakage rate. In October, chicken farmers generally collect eggs by hand.(2) Manure cleaning equipmentGeneral chicken farms use manual and regular manure removal, and larger-scale chicken farms can use mechanical … Read more

Poultry House Equipment

Poultry house equipment is a general term for the special machinery, tools and internal facilities used by chicken farms in the production of chicks, breeders, broilers and laying hens. Chicken farms can be divided into two types: free-range and caged. Specialized chicken farms are divided into original breeding farms, breeder farms, backup chicken farms, laying … Read more

RTL cage for sale

Advantages of RTL cage for sale 1 RTL cage for sale with feeder inside to reduce feed spillageRTL cage for sale makes it easier for chicken farmers to take care of their chickens. Despite the need to take care of these chickens, tiered cages help poultry farmers minimize feed spillage when feeding their chickens.Feed spillage … Read more

RTL Cages and Supplies

Advantages of RTL cages and supplies 1 RTL cages and supplies to boost chicken healthMany poultry farmers do not get healthy results from raising chickens because they neglect the use of RTL cages and supplies. Multi-layer chicken coops are a great way to keep chickens healthy and boost their reproduction.The original RTL cages and supplies … Read more

RTL chicken cage

The purpose of the manufacturing process of RTL chicken cage of FamTECH is to overcome the shortcomings existing in the prior art, to provide a simple process, easy to use, from galvanizing to making cage nets, a production line is completed, high production efficiency and good quality, The obtained cage net has a smooth surface … Read more

RTL Cage

At present, the RTL cage used for raising chickens are mainly welded by cage nets. The cage nets, as the basic material for preparing the RTL cages, have a great influence on the corrosion resistance and service life of the finished chicken cages. At present, the equipment for making cage nets usually adopts welding torch … Read more

Cage Free Chicken Farms

Features of Cage free chicken farms 1.Online flat rearing prevents chickens from contacting with ground excrement, reducing the incidence of colibacillosis and coccidiosis. 2.It is convenient to clean the manure of the chicken house, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity. 3.Online flat raising equipment is simple, with greenhouse farming, materials can be obtained locally … Read more

Free Range Chicken Cage

Large-scale, fully automatic free range chicken cage technology for laying hens has been widely used in European and American countries. This technology requires chicken houses to be located more than 1 km away from main roads, residential areas and other livestock and poultry breeding areas. The scale of a single house is 50,000 to 100,000. … Read more

Plastic Chicken Coop Flooring

Layer farming technology on plastic chicken coop flooring 1 Egg-laying stage (18 weeks to 72 weeks) The suitable temperature range for laying hens is 13°C to 25°C. The density of plastic chicken coop flooring is 8 to 10 per square meter. From 20 weeks of age, the light was extended by 0.5 hours per week, … Read more

Slatted Floor for Poultry

How to build a complete slatted floor for poultry duck house? At present, many duck farmers use plastic greenhouses to raise ducks and obtain better economic benefits. For new duck farmers, they do not know much about how to use slatted floor for poultry to raise meat ducks, and they do not know enough about … Read more

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