Plastic Chicken Coop Flooring

Layer farming technology on plastic chicken coop flooring

1 Egg-laying stage (18 weeks to 72 weeks)

The suitable temperature range for laying hens is 13°C to 25°C. The density of plastic chicken coop flooring is 8 to 10 per square meter. From 20 weeks of age, the light was extended by 0.5 hours per week, so that the light time during the laying period was gradually increased to 14 hours to 16 hours, and then stabilized at this level until the end of egg laying. The flocks that are completely artificially illuminated in the fully enclosed chicken house can be illuminated from 4:00 in the morning to 20:00 to 21:00. The ration is formulated according to the nutritional needs of the breed in the egg-laying stage. The nipple-type drinking line is adopted, and each drinker can taste about 10 chickens; the automatic pan-type feeding is not limited, and each feeding pan feeds about 45 chickens. It is forbidden for laying hens to stay in the egg-laying box overnight, close the egg-laying box before turning off the lights at night, and open the egg-laying box before turning on the light in the morning. Clean, dust-free, dry loose materials can be used as bedding for egg-laying boxes. One week before the flock starts laying, the laying box should be opened and bedding should be laid to allow the hens to become familiar with the laying box. The egg-laying box should be shaded to make it dark, and the egg-laying box should have 120 chickens per square meter.
The egg collection system consists of egg boxes, central conveyor systems and packaging machines. Eggs are conveyed by the longitudinally arranged egg-laying box conveyor belts to the transverse central conveying system, and finally to the automatic packaging machine for loading. The automatic manure removal system consists of a longitudinal chicken manure collection and removal belt and a horizontal conveyor belt at the end. A vertical chicken manure collection conveyor belt is installed under the plastic mesh panels of each breeding unit, and the chicken manure is regularly transported to the horizontal conveyor belt at the end, and then transported horizontally to a closed van to be transported to the organic fertilizer treatment plant.

slatted floor system in poultry
poultry flooring

2 Features

The fully enclosed large-scale online automatic plastic chicken coop flooring technology for laying hens has the following characteristics:
First, the laying hens are in the best environmental conditions of temperature, humidity and ventilation, fully enclosed, and the conditions of epidemic prevention and isolation are good, which provides the best biological safety conditions for the laying hens, so that they can give full play to the genetic potential of laying eggs. Present the best production performance.
Second, through automatic feeding, water feeding, egg collection and manure cleaning, a lot of labor resources can be saved, and it can adapt to the increasingly tight labor supply situation in China. Third, plastic chicken coop flooring satisfies the free movement of laying hens on the ground and meets the requirements of animal welfare. Fourth, eggs are collected and trayed directly from the house through the automatic egg collection system, minimizing damage during transfer. Fifth, the manure is automatically cleaned and collected to make organic fertilizer, which minimizes the environmental protection pressure brought by large-scale laying hens and enables the resource utilization of chicken manure.

3 Effectiveness

Using this technology to raise laying hens can allow laying hens to stably develop their genetic potential under the most comfortable environmental conditions and achieve animal welfare. Each chicken can produce 21 kg of eggs at 72 weeks of age, which is higher than the current 15 kg under traditional cage conditions. 40%, the dead scouring rate is reduced by 10% to 15% compared with the traditional conditions, and the feed waste is also greatly reduced, and the quality and safety control of the whole process of egg production is realized. At the same time, the technology greatly saves labor, and only 2 to 3 workers are needed for 100,000 laying hens, which is only 10% of the traditional cage or plastic chicken coop flooring. The economic, social and ecological benefits are considerable.

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