H Type Layer

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Lifespan: 30+ years

Certificates: ISO9001, SGS

Cage Material: Q235 wire mesh and hot galvanized sheet; 275g/㎡ galvanized aluminum wire mesh & 275g/㎡ hot dip galvanized plate

Poultry House: Large-scale(better more than 25,000) poultry chicken house and closed house

Tiers: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 12(according to the height of house and your anticipate farming scale)

Age of birds: From 80 days old (0.9kg) to harvest day

Automatic machines: Automatic drinking, automatic feeding, automatic manure removing, automatic egg collecting and automatic climate control

H type layer cage

Q235 steel cage wire mesh and cage frame with 275g/m hot galvanization is used to provide smooth surface and ideal elasticity for chicken feet. Little chance of scratch and wound infection.

FamTECH also provides A type layer chicken cage, H type pullet cage, H type breeder cage, H type broiler cage

hen cage A Type for sale

Specification of FamTECH’s layer cage

Cell size



3,4,5,6,7,8(according to the height of house and your anticipate farming scale)

Capacity per set

96 birds-3 tiers, 128 birds-4 tiers,160 birds-5 tiers, 192 birds-6 tiers, 224 birds-7 tiers, 256 birds-8 tiers

, 384-12 tiers

Area for one bird


Feeding trough length for one bird

130mm(material of feeding trough: zinc-aluminum sheet)

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Layer Cage Parameters

Best layer cage for sale

Model3 tiers4 tiers5 tiers6 tiers7 tiers8 tiers
Density of bird per cell8 birds8 birds8 birds8 birds8 birds8 birds
Cage depth600mm (24″)600mm (24″)600mm (24″)600mm (24″)600mm (24″)600mm (24″)
Cage width600mm (24″)600mm (24″)600mm (24″)600mm (24″)600mm (24″)600mm (24″)
Cage door height480mm (19″)480mm (19″)480mm (19″)480mm (19″)480mm (19″)480mm (19″)
Cage section specificationManure belt
Cage section length1200mm (47″)1200mm (47″)1200mm (47″)1200mm (47″)1200mm (47″)1200mm (47″)
Cage width (with feed cart)2170mm (85″)2170mm (85″)2170mm (85″)2170mm (85″)2170mm (85″)2170mm (85″)
Cage width (without feed cart)1660mm (65″)1660mm (65″)1660mm (65″)1660mm (65″)1660mm (65″)1660mm (65″)
Cage stand1310mm (52″)1310mm (52″)1310mm (52″)1310mm (52″)1310mm (52″)1310mm (52″)
Cage height (with feed cart)2450mm (97″)2450mm (97″)2450mm (97″)2450mm (97″)2450mm (97″)2450mm (97″)
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 layer cage specification

Advantages of FamTECH’s H Type Layer Cage for sale

Layer cage inside

Wire mesh

The bottom mesh of the H-type layer cage for sale has a reasonable angle of inclination of 8 degrees to let eggs roll to the egg collection belt at appropriate speed with the lowest breakage rate.

Scientific mesh diameter of layer cage for sale floor is designed to offer enough supporting force while allowing chicken manure to drop completely.

Frame&Sliding Door

U-shape frame with self-tapping screw ensures the stable structure of layer cage.

The sliding door design makes it easy to check or grab chicken with a single hand from layer chicken cage.

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Feed intake door

The feed intake door’s height is adjustable according to the age of the chicken.

It is easy for chicken in layer cage for sale to eat because there is no beam block in feed trough.

Feed Trough hen cage design

V shape feed trough

Bending galvanized steel sheet into a “V” shape to create an anti-corrosion feed trough with a low feed wastage rate.

The round edge design is safe for farmers to clean and check the trough.

High-quality adjustable apparatus can change the height of the feed trough flexibly to meet various requirements of layer chicken of different ages.

hen cage for sale egg line

Egg Protection Line

Layer cage for sale design includes egg protect lines with enough height can protect the egg from rolling out and provide enough buffering to reduce egg breakage rate. 

Support machines for your layer cage

Feed System

Utilizing a unique and uniform feeder, equipped with residue collection devices at both ends, ensuring uniform distribution of feed and preventing spillage.

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Manure Removal

With a unique structural design, it prevents manure belts from deviating, ensuring thorough manure removal through secondary scraping. The tensioning device for the manure belts is easy to operate.

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Watering System

Utilizing intelligent water lines with real-time monitoring of drinking data, automatic flushing, and disinfection ensure water quality cleanliness. Water shortage alarms guarantee ample drinking water for poultry.

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Egg Collection

Utilizing the most advanced domestic technology in egg collection machines, eggs are collected at staggered intervals, with eggs from each tier being transported to fixed egg trays, ensuring that eggs from each tier are free from cracks and damage.

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