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industrial egg incubator

How to Use the Industrial Egg Incubator Correctly?

Getting Ready for Incubation Managing the Incubation Process Keeping the Right Humidity The best relative humidity inside the incubator is between 53% and 57%. Check the dry and wet bulb thermometers on the incubator door regularly, and remember to change the water in the pans

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nipple water drinker

Which type is the best automatic chicken waterer?

Poultry farms require essential best automatic chicken waterer that ensures the provision of clean water at all times. The equipment should be reliable, uncloggable, leak-proof, disease-resistant, and easy to administer medication. Commonly used water drinking equipment includes vacuum-type water drinkers, hanging tower-type water drinkers, nipple-type

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broiler battery cage system

Broiler Battery Cage System in High Temperature

Recently, there has been a trending topic of continuous high temperatures. Even humans need air conditioning to cool down in temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, but in Suizhou, Hubei, nearly 4,000 chickens died from heatstroke in a short period of time. Could it be because

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battery cage system in poultry

Owners Should Know about Battery Cage System in Poultry

Feed Management System in Battery Cage System in Poultry Biosecurity Management System in Battery Cage System in Poultry Strictly adhere to national and local government regulations on animal disease prevention and related livestock and poultry hygiene ordinances. Prevent the introduction and spread of pathogens. Hygiene

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floor raising chicken

Which Raising Method Can Increase Egg Quality and Quantity?

There are various ways of raising laying hens, among which the main ways of raising include free-range, battery cage, and slat floor raising, etc. Since different feeding methods have different management modes, the quality and nutritional value of eggs produced by laying hens are relatively different.

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transverse manure conveying system broiler cage

Chicken House Equipment

(1) Egg collection equipmentChicken house equipment with a high degree of mechanization includes automatic egg collection by conveyor belts, which is efficient but has a high breakage rate. In October, chicken farmers generally collect eggs by hand.(2) Manure cleaning equipmentGeneral chicken farms use manual and

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