Climate Control System

FamTECH poultry climate control system adopts superior components and parts with advanced technology which can provide safe chicken temperature and humidity for chicken house. Our climate control system can apply to different climate conditions, equipment types, breeding varieties and farm environments to control indoor temperature difference ±3℃ to provide a comfortable growing condition for chicken.

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Advantages of FamTECH Poultry Climate Control System

poultry fan

Poultry Fan

  • FamTECH fan is consist of stainless steel fan blade, Korean belt and hot galvanized frame, and is driven by SIMENS energy-saving motor. Long service life is guaranteed.
  • 50’’ push-pull fan can exhaust 35900m³ of air per hour and 30’’ fan can exhaust 13000m³per hour so the temperature can be reduced within a short time.

Poultry Cooling Pad

  • FamTECH cooling pad is made of 150mm thick high-class paper and equipped with aluminum alloy frame and high-quality outside water recycling system.
  • Cooling pad enjoys the advantage of high water-absorbing quality, deformation-resistant, mold-proof and environment- friendly which can effectively reduce temperature, keep air dry and destroy harmful gas to promote ventilation in poultry houses.
poultry cooling pad
Air Inlet Windows for Poultry House

Air Inlet Window

  • The opening system of air inlet window is driven by MCN motor to ensure smooth opening and closing to optimize ventilation in poultry houses.
  • Air inlet is made of PS engineering plastic which is durable and strong. Easy to open and well-sealed after closed to prevent the entrance of dust and germs.

ROTEM Controller (AC2000-3G)

  • Israel imported intelligent control system can provide a suitable living condition for your animals on the basis of low energy cost and minimal carbon footprint.

Rotem climate controller
Rotem climate control equipments
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