RTL chicken cage

The purpose of the manufacturing process of RTL chicken cage of FamTECH is to overcome the shortcomings existing in the prior art, to provide a simple process, easy to use, from galvanizing to making cage nets, a production line is completed, high production efficiency and good quality, The obtained cage net has a smooth surface without zinc thorns, is corrosion-resistant and has a high service life for the production of electro-galvanized cage nets.

A type broiler cage specification
A Type hen Cage

Our RTL chicken cage has a simple process and is easy to use. From galvanizing to making cage nets, one production line is completed. The production efficiency is high and the quality is good. The obtained cage nets have smooth surface without zinc thorns, corrosion resistance and long service life. The warp position of the present invention is automatic continuous straightening and continuous feeding, which solves the traditional problem that manpower is required to cut the warp wire individually, and manpower is used to continue the warp one by one on the welding table, and the labor intensity is low and the production efficiency is high. The cage net welding of the present invention is made by electro-galvanizing the steel wire first to obtain smooth electro-galvanized steel wire, and then performing the cage net welding operation, and the process of hot-dip galvanizing after the transmission cold-drawing welding cage net is formed. The cage net obtained by the present invention is smooth, corrosion-resistant and free of zinc thorns.

Specification of A type RTL chicken cage

Cage depthCage lengthCapacity of one door cageCapacity of one set of cageArea per birdDistance between two frame
360mm390mm390 birds/3 tiers; 120 birds/4 tiers4681980mm
450mm390mm4120 birds/3 tiers; 160 birds/4 tiers4381980mm
Lifespan10-20+ years (cold/hot Galvan)
CertificatesISO9001, SGS
Cage MaterialQ235 wire mesh and 275g/㎡cold/hot galvanized wire mesh and sheet
Poultry Houseopen house or semi-open house
Tiers3,4 (according to the height of the house and your anticipate farming scale)
Space for one bird430cm² to 470cm²
Automatic machinesAutomatic drinking, automatic feeding, automatic manure removing, automatic egg collecting and automatic climate control
Age of birdsFrom 80 days old (0.9kg) to harvest day

RTL chicken cage is a breeding equipment mainly used for raising chickens and suitable for various animal production methods. The term is derived from similarly arranged cages, with rows and columns tightly woven together, with dividing walls like the battery compartment of a battery. Multi-layer chicken cages are often associated with poultry farming, but are also widely used for other animals.
RTL chicken cages can promote healthy chickens, many poultry farmers do not get healthy results from raising chickens because they neglect the use of multi-layer chicken cages. Multi-layer chicken coops are a great way to keep chickens healthy and boost their reproduction.

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