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A type and H type chicken cages are widely used in chicken farming for their significant role played in increasing the productivity of the poultry business. The multilayer cage is durable and clean for its Q235 & galvanized material, labor-saving for its automatic system and easy to manage for its scientific cage & chicken house design. After 20 years of practice in chicken raising and battery chicken cages, FamTECH summed up a lot of valuable experience and add experience to the development of battery chicken cages.

Why choose FamTech International Co., Ltd.

20 years of poultry cage manufacture experience, R&D practice and import & export trade experience endows the company with the ability to upgrade its products and resolve the potential issues that may happen during the trade.
FamTECH chicken cage only uses high-quality material to build a durable poultry cage with a stable structure. Our products have ISO9001 certification and are highly acclaimed by our customers.
Dozens of advanced automatic production lines such as automatic laser cutting machines and automatic shaping machines are adapted to produce chicken cages with an annual production capacity of 3,000,000 sets.
Chicken cage with the best quality and best price also comes with the best service. FamTECH’s professional support team will give you a carefree purchase experience.

FamTECH provides field visit service to our 100+ successful projects landed in 50+ countries! Please contact us for the project near you!

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Best-Sale Battery Cage System

layer cage

Layer Cage

All chicken cage is made of Q235 and cold/hot galvanized wire mesh and sheet with U-shape frame, and has 15 to 20+ years of service life.

baby chicken cages system manufacture

Pullet Cage

The battery cage system can be manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic. Both the size of the cage and support machine are customizable.

A type broiler cage automatic

Broiler Cage

FamTECH battery cage is equipped with automatic poultry equipment to achieve centralized and intensive management of chicken in poultry houses.

H breeding cage system

Breeder Cage

The stable structure and anti-corrosion material of multilayer battery cage systems can decrease chicken sick rate and promote economic profit.

slatted floor system

Slatted floor system

Full set of slatted floor system including feeding, drinking, manure removal and ventilation equipment.

Best-price Poultry Equipment for Sale

Poultry equipment guarantees a high-level production at a low cost for your chicken-raising business.

egg collection machine

Egg Collection System

Italy-made belt, 20+ years lifespan, vertical collection machine to collect 40,000 eggs/hour

poultry nipple drinker

Drinking System

Water filter, DOSATRON medicine doser, 360-degree nipple drinker, V-shape water sink

chicken feeder

Feeding System

Best-quality feed trolley with MCN motor, galvanized feed trough, South-African silo anger

Automatic Manure Removal Machine System

Manure System

Italy-imported 1.0 mm HDPP belt driven by MCN motor, 2 galvanized scrapers to keep clean

poultry cage climate control

Climate Control System

SIMENS fan, 150mm thick paper&aluminum alloy frame cooling pad, automatic air inlet and control system

50000 capacity commercial egg incubator

Commercial Egg incubator

Large-scale egg incubator with fully automatic control system and high-tech temperature and humidity regulator.

Installation Service​

FamTECH provides on-site/video/phone installation of poultry cage service. Some devices are installed before shipment. We also provide training for your workers.​

Support Team​

Pre-sale free design of chicken house, instant Q&A service and poultry knowledge teaching make sure a worriless purchasing experience.​

Delivery On Time​

We provide 15-45 days of production time, strict quality inspection, packaging and delivery policy, 365 days of VIP service, customized service and turnkey service.​

1 Years Warranty

For All Of Our Products​

Premium quality and superb craftsmanship of FamTECH poultry cage endow us with the confidence of a long-term warranty of 1 year (including the core components of the chicken cage). Our warranty service safeguards your poultry business.

Our Customers Trust Us

FamTECH chicken cage has traveled to more than 50 countries and won a good reputation for its best service and high-class products.

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Famtech’s Certificates

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