Manure System

Advantages of Poultry Manure Removal System

  • Reduce cost and increase production benefit
  • The tensioning belt is easy to operate
  • Ensure the air quality of chicken house.
  • Improve the reuse rate of chicken manure.
  • No-fermentation inside chicken house, no growth of bacteria
  • Reduce ammonia emission, protect the health of chicken and worker.
  • Protect the environment and achieve sustainable development of business
chicken manure removal system

Advantages of FamTECH Traction Type Poultry Manure Removal System

Manure Waste Alley

Traction type poultry manure removal system is for A type battery cage. For startups who have a small budget, this system is a perfect choice. Instead of using manure convey belt, traction type need a manure waste alley beneath chicken cage to let the manure drop to the ground naturally. Then the traction type manure removal machine at the end of waste alley will start working to scrape the manure together.

manure clean simple scraper

Traction Type Manure Removal

This machine is consist of host seat, corner wheels, traction rope, scraping manure plates and other components.


1.It is easy to install, maintain and operate
2. It saves electricity, one day open one time.
3. Using the most advanced international cycloid reducer is to ensure the output drive ratio of rationality.
4. Special thick scraper is to ensure the long life of the dung cleaning machine.
5. Scraper is made by high-precision CNC production molding, never deformation.
6. Special transmission chain is highly worn resistance, corrosion-resistant, and has long service life.


Advantages of FamTECH Belt-Type Poultry Manure Removal System

Manure Belt

  • FamTECH manure system uses Italy-made manure removal belt and MCN motors.
  • Manure belt is made of 0.1mm HDPP with long service life of 15 years.
  • It is equipped with particular anti-meandering equipment and glued roller to ensure smooth running and reduce wear.
  • Effectively remove chicken manure within a short time with the running speed of 5 meters/hour of manure belt.
Chicken Layer Manure Belt for Poultry Cage

Double Scraper

  • 2 galvanized manure scraper is located at the end of manure belt to give a thorough cleaning to the manure belt

  • Clean 99% of manure without rust and corrosion,  very durable
Manure Cleaning System

Manure Conveyor Belt

  • Manure can be conveyed directly and automatically to the outside through transverse manure conveyor belt, so the labor cost is saved and hygiene is maintained.
  • Compared to traditional manure removal method, our automatic manure system can reduce water content of chicken manure by 20%-30%
manure conveyor belt of broiler cage system
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