Egg Collection System

  • FamTECH has 3 types of egg collection systems: Tech-Easy, Tech-General and Tech-Pro. 
  • Price comparison: Tech-Pro>Tech-General>Tech-Easy              
  • Egg collection efficiency: Tech-Pro>Tech-General>Tech-Easy
  • Recommended breeding quantity: <10,000 birds in A type layer cage→ Tech-Easy; 10,000-30,000 birds in A/H type layer cage→ Tech-General; >30,000 birds in H type layer cage → Tech-Pro (all is customizable)

Tech-PRO Egg Collection System

FamTECH automatic egg collection system is adapted to both A type cage can H type cage, and its size, tier and so on are customizable. Our latest high-performance Vertical Egg Collection Machine is designed to reduce egg breakage rate and enhance egg collection productivity to 40000 egg/hour, which greatly decreases the labor cost.

vertical egg collection machine

Superior egg convey belt

  • The egg convey belt (width=10cm, running speed=2cm/s) is made of Italy-imported fabric which is flexible, durable and dustproof.
  • The material of this fabric is Polypropylene yarn which endows the system with features of easy- cleaning, anti-corrosion, long lifespan and waterproof.
Chicken cage Egg collect protect line fiber

Vertical lifting egg collection machine

  • Vertical lifting machine and central egg convey belt are made of galvanized steel with service life up to 20 years.
  • Vertical lifting machine can be lifted to each tier with accurate height and convey eggs with minimum collision and inversion.
Lift egg collect system

Egg counter device&open removal device

  • Egg counter can be installed on the central egg collection convey belt to count the number of egg with 99%+ accuracy.
  • The open type soft egg removal device ensures easy checking, cleaning and sorting of the substandard eggs.
egg collect counter device
egg collect hook

Tech-General Egg Collection System

Tech-General egg collection system is consist of superior egg convey belt, egg protection line, vertical type egg collection machine, plastic egg collect hook, egg collect plate. It can also be equipped with transverse egg convey belt.


egg colletion hook soft plastic

Egg collcetion hook and plate

The material of the hooks and egg collection plate’s surface is soft plastic which can prevent egg from dropping and breaking. Specially designed hook angle can hold eggs tight and smoothly convey egg to the plate.

egg collect convey box

Egg collcetion convey box

  • Independent egg conveyor box on each tier make sure no collision will happen among eggs from different tiers.

  • Through specially designed egg collection device, eggs will be placed horizontally to avoid inversion during conveyance.

  • Automatically convey eggs from conveyor belt to hooks and to the plate or transverse conveyor belt.
transverse egg conveyor

Transverse egg convey belt

  • The transverse egg convey belt connects the egg collection system indoor with the outdoor egg collection center.
  • It is driven by a hollow worm gear reducer which is loss-free and has a low failure rate.
  • This equipment can increase efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • FamTECH also provides egg tray making machine. If your farm needs environment-friendly egg package, an egg tray making machine will be the best choice for saving cost and expanding business.

Tech-Easy Egg Collection System

This is a perfect egg collection equipment for small budget and little breeding quantity chicken house. it is consist of soft plastic surface and Galvan frame. Its service life is 30 years. This system has superior egg convey belt, galvanized egg protection line, galvanized+soft plastic collection plate, driving motor.

Eggs will be directly conveyed to the egg collect plate from the egg belt.

pvc egg collection device
egg collection plate
A type layer battery cage

Video of FamTECH's egg collection system

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