Successful Cases from FamTECH Poultry

pullet cage silo

H-Type Pullet Cage Installed in South-Pacific Country

FamTECH H type has successfully been received by our customer in South-pacific island country.  During the previous conversation, we learned that the weather of the project is rainy and humid. So our support team recommended the galvanized H type pullet cage. It has long lifespan of 20+ years and has the feature of anti-rust and … Read more
layer cages for sale construction

A Type Layer Cages for Sale was Successfully Installed in West Africa

This project has 3 layer chicken house and 1 pullet chicken house. The layer cages for sale are equipped with automatic feeding, manure cleaning and egg collection system. FamTECH’s support team provides free cage and house design for customers. The project is located in West Africa so the height of the poultry house is designed … Read more
outdoor chicken cage pic

A Type Layer Outdoor Chicken Cage Installed in Southeast Asia

This case includes 3 rows, 4 tiers, 159 sets of cages that can hold 31,800 birds. The size of chicken cage house is 121*12.5*(1.6+1.6) meters. The outdoor chicken cage is equipped with manure collect machine, drinking system, automatic feeding system which can decrease labor costs greatly. After taking the factors of climate, humidity, economy into … Read more
install in TOGO

H Type Layer Cage Successfully Installed in Togo

50,000 egg laying chicken cage project successfully launched in Togo’s poultry house with the size of 100*12*4.5 meters. The project has 4 rows, 5 tiers, 360 sections. The poultry house is closed design with automatic control systems such as feeding, drinking, manure cleaning, egg collection and ventilation system.
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