Commercial Rabbit Cage

Commercial rabbit cage size

Dimensions: Each cage set measures 2400mm*2100mm, accommodating 24 cages in total.

Material: Hot-dipped galvanized metal wire mesh with a wire diameter of 3mm.

Mesh Aperture: Typically ranges from 20150mm to 20200mm, suitable for industrial and breeding rabbit production.

Construction: Welded joints for durability and strength.

Feeding System: Sieve tray feeding system for the main line and spiral feeding system for automated feeding.

Breeding Configuration: Double-deck design with 12 cages for rearing and 12 cages for breeding, achieving integrated breeding operations.

Nesting Boxes: Built-in nesting boxes for efficient reproduction and maternal care.

Flooring: Equipped with plastic dung boards for waste management and rabbit comfort.

Why choose our commercial rabbit cage?

Our European-style fully automatic breeding integrated farming equipment adopts a fully enclosed breeding mode, significantly improving the rabbitry environment, reducing the incidence of diseases, and minimizing mortality rates. FamTECH also provides chicken cage and slatted floor system.

Crafted with hot-dipped galvanized metal wire mesh and welded joints, ensuring durability and strength. The wire diameter is 3mm, with mesh apertures typically ranging from 20150mm to 20200mm, suitable for industrial and breeding rabbit production.

Commercial rabbit cage design

Double-tier Breeding Design

Each set consists of 24 cages with dimensions of 2400mm*2100mm, divided into 12 cages for rearing and 12 cages for breeding, facilitating integrated breeding operations.

Customizable design

Double-tier breeding cages, European-style layouts, and multi-tiered designs are customizable for rabbit breeding and meat rabbit raising. Our cages are engineered for maximum efficiency and comfort, incorporating feedback from breeders and industry experts to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Integrated Nesting Boxes

Designed for efficient reproduction, our cages feature built-in nesting boxes, allowing mother rabbits to perform nesting, birthing, and nursing within the same enclosure, optimizing breeding operations.

Enhanced Hygiene

The addition of plastic dung boards in the cage flooring provides rabbits with a comfortable activity area while addressing waste accumulation issues, promoting cleaner and healthier living conditions.

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5 types of FamTECH’s commercial rabbit cage

Single-layer Rabbit Cage

  • Single-layer breeding, for more convenient and efficient operation;
  • Ensures comfortable air environment within the cage;
  • More conducive to alleviating the impact of high temperature and humidity in the tropical regions.

Single-layer Breeding Rabbit Cage for Breeding Stock

  • Innovatively designed and developed single-layer breeding cages for breeding rabbits;
  • More conducive to alleviating the impact of high temperature and humidity in the southern regions;
  • Single-layer design promotes better hygiene and air quality within the cage.

Double-layer Breeding Rabbit Cage for Breeding Stock

  • Innovatively designed and developed double-layer breeding cages for breeding rabbits;
  • Double-layer and double-row breeding significantly increase the utilization efficiency of rabbit housing;
  • Achieves single-cage cultivation of breeding rabbits, ensuring the quality of breeding rabbits;
  • Implements automated management to enhance labor efficiency;
  • Tiered design facilitates individual observation of rabbits.
commercial rabbit cage

European-style Double-layer Rabbit Cage

  • Innovatively designed and developed European-style double-layer breeding cages;
  • Both layers can accommodate nesting boxes;
  • Double-layer breeding for higher efficiency;
  • Easy assembly and disassembly of nesting boxes to enhance labor efficiency;
  • Structurally designed for better air circulation;
  • Convenient and comfortable living environment for rabbits.

Jumpable Rabbit Cage

  • Rabbit exercise platforms are added inside the breeding cage;
  • Increased cage depth and area per cage;
  • Reduced lactation period breeding density, improving the living environment for rabbits;
  • Protects pregnant and lactating does, allowing them to rest on the jumping platform at any time, ensuring the comfort of the fetus, lactating rabbits, and maintaining their own healthy physique, thereby ensuring longer lifespan of breeding rabbits and maximizing production efficiency.
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Commercial rabbit cage accessories

Oualr cages come equipped with essential accessories such as watering system, feeding system, climate control system and manure removal system.

Feeding System

We provides manual and automatic feeding systems. The automatic feeding system adopts sieve tray type feeding system, and the material line is the stranding type feeding system, which meets the requirements of full-automatic feeding. We provides plastic and stainless steel feed trays and eating plate, both are bite-resistant.

Watering system

Including drinking water purification system, closed drinking water system, antibacterial pipes, stainless steel water nipples with automatic pressure regulation ensure constant access to clean water, promoting rabbit hydration and well-being.

Automatic Manure Cleaning System

Our range includes belt conveyor and scraper-type automatic manure cleaning devices, reducing manual labor and improving environmental conditions within the enclosure.

Climate control system

The environmental control system can realize power control of baking lamp, automatic switch of horizontal and vertical fans, high and low temperature alarm, probe fault alarm, ventilation timing cycle, speed change. Temperature compensation, outdoor temperature compensation control. Shutter and ventilation window opening control, computer connection, information centralized management. Intelligent analysis records daily temperature, humidity, water consumption data for 30 days, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide gas detection and control, 12-stage control variable speed fan, constant speed fan, cooling equipment, heater, etc. .

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