Cage Free Chicken Farms

Features of Cage free chicken farms

1.Online flat rearing prevents chickens from contacting with ground excrement, reducing the incidence of colibacillosis and coccidiosis.

2.It is convenient to clean the manure of the chicken house, which can effectively reduce the labor intensity.

3.Online flat raising equipment is simple, with greenhouse farming, materials can be obtained locally according to the actual situation in various places, and the cost is very low.

4.Online flat raising of broilers is beneficial to the increase of temperature, which is obviously superior to ground flat raising for winter and spring broiler raising.

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Technical points of Cage free chicken farms

1.Construction of the chicken coop. It is best to choose a chicken coop in a place far away from the village, with a slightly higher terrain and good ventilation conditions. No matter building an asbestos tile house or a bungalow, the house should not be too low. A house that is too low has poor insulation in winter and poor insulation in summer. The roof should be set with skylights, the walls should be left with ventilation openings, the doors and windows should not be too small, and the span of the house should preferably be more than 5 meters.

2.For the construction of the net frame, the chicken net is generally built 1-1.2 meters from the ground, on both sides of the room, just above the heating facilities, and a corridor of 0.5 to 0.75 meters is left in the middle to facilitate the removal of manure. For work such as adding food and water, the shelf is built with bamboo poles or wooden sticks with a diameter of 2 to 2.5 cm, which can bear the weight of adult chickens.

3.Preparation for cage. To build a new chicken coop, you only need to simply spray the wine once with disinfectant, such as Baitoxun, Disinfection King and other sprays. If it is an old chicken house, first carefully clean the equipment of the chicken house, spray it with 2% sodium hydroxide solution, then fumigate with potassium permanganate and formaldehyde, and finally use a hundred poison spray. Make the temperature in the brooding range reach 32 to 35 °C, and the preheating time depends on the season and outside air temperature. Generally, it takes 2-3 days to preheat in winter, 2 days in spring and autumn, and 1 day in summer. Check the thermometer at any time to observe whether the temperature meets the requirements, and the stove should be pre-heated to prevent gas poisoning.

4.Humidity control. After entering the chicks, water should be given to the chicks first, and electrolyzed multivitamins and glucose should be added to the drinking water to reduce stress during transportation. The temperature after entering the chicks is based on the comfort of the flocks. If the flocks are far away from the heat source, and there is a phenomenon of breathing with their mouths open, it means that the temperature is too high. If the flock is close to the heat source and crowded together, it indicates that the temperature is low. The chickens are evenly spread out on the edge of the heat source, indicating that the temperature is moderate. Generally, the temperature in the first week is 32-35 °C, and then it drops by about 3 °C every week, and finally it is more suitable to 21 °C. Broilers are in the appropriate temperature range, and the ideal humidity is 40% to 72%. If the temperature is too high, various diseases such as coccidiosis will be induced, and if the humidity is too low, the dust in the air will increase, and it is easy to cause respiratory diseases.

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FamTECH provides on-site/video/phone installation of poultry cage service. Some devices are installed before shipment. We also provide training for your workers.

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