H Type Chick cage

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Lifespan: 30+ years

Certificates: ISO9001, SGS

Cage Material: Q235 wire mesh and co,d/hot galvanized sheet; 275g/㎡ galvanized aluminum wire mesh & 275g/㎡ cold/hot dip galvanized plate

Poultry House: Large-scale(better more than 25,000) poultry chicken house and closed house

Tiers: 3, 4, 5, 6 (according to the height of house and your anticipate farming scale)

Age of birds: From 1 week old -17 weeks

Area for one bird: 310cm²-450cm²

Cell size: 620mm(length)600mm(width)680mm(height)

H type Chick cage

Q235 steel cage wire mesh and cage frame with 275g/m hot galvanization is used to provide smooth surface and ideal elasticity for chicken feet. Little chance of scratch and wound infection.

FamTECH also provides A type chick cage, H type layer cage, H type breeder cage, H type broiler cage

baby chicken cages feed door
H TYPE baby chicken cages
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Specification of FamTECH’s chick cage

H baby chicken cages specification

Details of Famtech’s cage for chicks

High-class cage material and well-designed cage structure give baby chicken a good environment to grow. Heightened cage provide nice ventilation, and the living condition is upgrated furthermore with the aid of supprotive poultry equipment such as feeding system, drinking system, manure system and so on.

baby chicken cages bottom net

Bottom mesh

The plastic bottom mesh of chick cage is high-class, elastic and strong. Its appropriate mesh gap distance can provide enough supporting force to pullet chicken and meanwhile, ensure chicken manure drop to the manure removal belt and keep the baby chicken cages’ floor clean.

baby chicken cages feed pedal

Feed intake pedal

Special design of the cage for chicks includes a 9.3cm wide feed intake pedal to facilitate the eating process for baby chicken. This device makes the feed more accessible for pullets.

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baby chicken cages adjustable door

Feed intake door

The chick cage feed intake door’s height is adjustable along with the change of the size of baby chicken.

There is no obstruction in front of the feed door so the baby chicken can adapt to the cage in a short time.

Cage Material

Q235 steel and Galvan wire and sheet ensure simple maintenance and smooth surface.

Swing door of baby chicken cages allows one-hand operation and easy-check of baby chicken.

Scientifically arranged nipple drinkers are installed in a height-adjustable pipe to fulfill the drinking need of pullet chicken of different ages.

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