RTL Cages and Supplies

Advantages of RTL cages and supplies

1 RTL cages and supplies to boost chicken health
Many poultry farmers do not get healthy results from raising chickens because they neglect the use of RTL cages and supplies. Multi-layer chicken coops are a great way to keep chickens healthy and boost their reproduction.
The original RTL cages and supplies were more than just cages with metal mesh floors and the necessary heating elements. The design of a high-quality multi-layer chicken cage is different from an ordinary wire mesh cage. Wire floors are designed to facilitate manure leaks, which carry manure away from around the flock, ultimately minimising the risk of fecal-borne disease. This will maintain the health of the chickens, thus safeguarding the interests of the farmers.

2 Increase egg production
A healthy chicken is more productive than one raised in an unhealthy environment, and RTL cages and supplies have the potential to increase a chicken’s egg production.
In fact, recent estimates show that 60 percent of eggs used in products such as mayonnaise, sandwiches and cakes come from chickens raised in iron cages. This suggests that chickens are more likely to lay eggs in cages than other rearing methods, and it is preferable to use multi-layered cages to aid egg production.

H type layer chicken cage specification

3 Qualitative feeding of chickens
RTL cages and supplies make raising chickens a habitual process that means more care for the chickens. This is because the chickens are fed through a long bisected metal or plastic pipe with a top nipple system in front of the chickens through which water is supplied to them. This makes it easy for chicken farmers to feed their chickens with adequate food and water. Chickens are well raised in RTL cages and supplies which makes them healthier and more productive.

4 Low labor cost
RTL cages and supplies reduce labor for chicken farmers. This is because the chickens are well managed and guided into rows, there are several facilities for them to feed, their manure is properly handled and the eggs are rolled into the cages where they are designed.
Chicken farmers simply pour food and water in designated areas, wash off the manure, and pack the eggs. This reduces the pressure on farmers and the need to hire many workers for poultry farms. In the long run, the poultry industry is more rewarding to the poultry industry workers.

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