Slatted Floor for Poultry

How to build a complete slatted floor for poultry duck house?

At present, many duck farmers use plastic greenhouses to raise ducks and obtain better economic benefits. For new duck farmers, they do not know much about how to use slatted floor for poultry to raise meat ducks, and they do not know enough about the environmental characteristics and requirements of plastic greenhouses. Some problems, such as “fog water” in hot weather and condensation in cold weather, have seriously hindered the application of this technology and the normal growth of meat ducks. FamTECH introduces how to build a complete flat duck house? The construction method of slatted floor for poultry raising duck house.

Duck houses are divided into two categories: temporary simple duck houses and long-term fixed duck houses. Most of the small duck farms in the early rural areas of our country used simple duck houses, and most of the large and medium-sized duck farms established in recent years were fixed duck houses. Producers can choose a suitable duck house according to their own conditions and local resources.

A complete flat duck house usually consists of three parts: duck house, duck beach (land sports field), and water field (water sports field).

Duck coop of slatted floor for poultry. The basic requirements are sunshade and sun protection, wind and rain protection, cold protection and heat preservation, and protection from animal damage. The depth of each commercial duck house is 8~10 meters and the width is 7~8 meters, which is similar to a square shape, which is convenient for the ducks to circle in the house. The duck house cannot be divided into narrow rectangles. Otherwise, when the ducks enter the house and turn around, Very easy to trample injury. Usually small duck farms with a scale of 1,000 to 2,000 are built, and 2 to 4 are built (each with about 500 ducks), and then 3 small rooms are built on the side as warehouses, feed rooms and management staff dormitories.

Estimation of building area: Due to the different species, age and climate of ducks, the requirements for the area of the duck house are also different. Therefore, when building the duck house to calculate the building area, it is necessary to leave room and appropriately relax the plan; but when using the duck house, it is necessary to plan carefully, utilize the building area, and improve the utilization rate of the duck house.

The principle of using a duck house is that within a unit area, the stocking density can be increased in winter, and more appropriate to be raised. On the contrary, it should be raised less in summer; for a large area of duck houses, the stocking density is appropriately larger, and for a small area of duck houses, the stocking density Appropriately smaller; for a duck house with a large sports field, the stocking density can be larger, and for a duck house with a small sports field, the stocking density should be smaller.

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slatted floor for poultry

How to build a duck house for raising 1000 ducks?

The duck house of slatted floor for poultry should be located on a higher terrain, with a flat and solid ground, full of sunshine, and a sunny slope close to the water source (water depth 1.5 meters), away from the village. The duck shed has a “herringbone”-shaped roof with a height of about 4.5 meters and a height of about 1.8 meters around the eaves. There are two doors with a width of 1.5 meters on the water side, and there is a sports field. The building materials of the duck house can be framed with steel bars, plastics, and bamboo, covered with straw curtains or cloth curtains. There are fences around the sports field, and a number of food troughs and water troughs are reasonably set up in the sports field. The area of the shed is about 7 per meter 2, and generally about 1,000 per shed is appropriate. There is a 2-meter-wide concrete floor feeding ground beside the duck house, which is slightly lower than the inner ground of the duck house, and a drain is dug on three sides to communicate with the pond. The sports field is slightly lower than the duck house, and there should be no water accumulation. The area should be larger than 1/3 of the duck house. The slope of the water is 20-30°. Some deciduous trees can be planted on the field. The area of the water sports field should be larger than 2/3 of the duck house.

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