A Type Brooder Cage

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Lifespan: 20+ years

Certificates: ISO9001, SGS

Cage Material: Q235 wire mesh and co,d/hot galvanized sheet; 275g/㎡ galvanized aluminum wire mesh & 275g/㎡ cold/hot dip galvanized plate

Poultry House: open house or semi-open house

Tiers: 3, 4 (according to the height of house and your anticipate farming scale)

Age of birds: From 1 week old -110 days

Area for one bird: 362 cm² at least before 110 days

Cell size: 650mm(length)500mm(width)370mm(height)

A type brooder cage

Q235 steel cage wire mesh and cage frame with 275g/m hot galvanization is used to provide smooth surface and ideal elasticity for chicken feet. Little chance of scratch and wound infection.

FamTECH also provides H type chick cage, A type layer cage, A type breeder cage, A type broiler cage


Specification of FamTECH’s chick cage

TiersCell LengthCell DepthCell HeightUnit DimensionCell/Unit/SetBirds/Cell/Unit/Set
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Advantages of FamTECH A Type Chick Brooder Cage

Q235 steel cage wire mesh and with 275g/m cold/hot galvanization are used to provide a smooth surface and ideal elasticity for chicken feet.

Special chicken cage for baby chicken ensures little chance of scratch and wound infection happening in baby chick cage.

Galvanized low carbon steel wire has strong tensile and compressive resistance;

It is convenient to observe the growth of baby chicken, easy to group and select;

Automatic and high-quality manure removal machine of brooder cage effectively reduces the disease infection rate and mortality rate of baby chicken;

The feeding trough is equipped with an adjustment plate, which can meet the feeding of baby chick at different growth stages;

There are enough places for feeding and drinking to ensure the uniformity and health of baby chick;

Compared with flat raising, the feeding amount of baby chicken per unit area has increased by 50% – 100%;

The pressure regulator can adjust the water pressure to a certain amount, and the water supply of each nipple drinker is evenly distributed to provide sufficient water supply for the brooder cage for chicks;

Beneath the bottom floor of the brooder cage lays hot water pipes to reduce the temperature difference between layers to guarantee a high survival rate for chicks.

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