Drinking System

FamTECH chicken water feeders can satisfy the drinking water demand of chickens of different ages. It can be applied to both A and H type chicken cage systems.

Advantages of FamTECH Chicken Water Feeders

square pipe nipple drinker


  • A 22*22mm PVC square water pipe (thickness=3.0mm more stable than round one) with 4 chicken nipple waterers (the number is customizable) is located in the middle (customizable) of the chicken cage cell which can make the best of the cell space in a reasonable way.

Chicken Nipple Waterer

  • Different heights of the pipe can be adjusted accurately based on various requirements.
  • The durable chicken nipple waterer is made of plastic and stainless steel which is guaranteed to be 100% water-tight before they leave the factory. It is easy for chicken to drink water for the stainless steel ball in the chicken nipple waterer can be rotated smoothly in 360 degrees.
  • Double seal valve and poppet valve is used to prevent water leakage.
stainless chicken nipple waterer
chicken drinker sink

V-shape Water Sink

  • A V-shape water sink beneath the nipple drinker is set to catch the water drop to keep the manure belt dry and prevent the generation of ammonia gas, which greatly considerably protects the respiratory health of chicken.


  • The water regulator can 1) make sure water goes into the nipple drinker at a steady flow and 2) increase the water pressure to backflush the inside part of chicken nipple waterer to keep it clean and avoid blockage.
chicken cage water regulator
DOSATRON doser for chicken cage

Filter & Medicator

  • Water filter from famous brand located on the front of chicken house is able to provide clean water for more than 50,000 birds.
  • Franch DOSATRON (D25RE2) medicine doser installed on the pipe can ensure the drinking health of chicken.
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