Chicken House Equipment

(1) Egg collection equipment
Chicken house equipment with a high degree of mechanization includes automatic egg collection by conveyor belts, which is efficient but has a high breakage rate. In October, chicken farmers generally collect eggs by hand.
(2) Manure cleaning equipment
General chicken farms use manual and regular manure removal, and larger-scale chicken farms can use mechanical manure removal.
(3) Cage
The brooding can be done with a mesh board or a three-dimensional multi-layer brooder; in addition to the flat net feeding, the bred chickens mostly use overlapping or stepped brooding cages. Laying hens are basically caged. At present, there are many domestic manufacturers of chicken cages, which can be purchased according to the actual situation.

(4) Lighting equipment
In China, ordinary light bulbs are generally used for lighting, and the development trend is to use energy-saving lamps. Many chicken house equipment includes timed, automatically controlled switches that replace manual switches and ensure accurate and reliable lighting times.
(5) Incubation equipment
Incubation equipment: Refers to the general term for the items required in the incubation process, including: incubators, hatchers, incubator accessories, special items for incubators, heating equipment, humidification equipment, and various measurement systems, etc.
(6) Disinfection equipment: agricultural sprayers, air pumps, etc.
(7) Immunization and treatment equipment: continuous syringes, pricking needles, etc.
(8) Beak cutting equipment: electric beak cutting device, electric soldering iron, etc.
(9) Weighing equipment: spring scales, steelyard scales, electronic scales, etc.
Creating a modern chicken farm requires not only modern chicken house equipment, but also a modern breeding concept. Modern chicken raising equipment includes: heating equipment, ventilation equipment, water supply equipment, feeding equipment, egg collection equipment, manure cleaning equipment, cages, lighting equipment, etc. Modern breeding concepts include: establishing awareness of improved breeds, brooding is equally important, attaching importance to daily management, strengthening disinfection, attaching importance to feed quality and less drug use, etc.

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