A Type Chicken layer cage

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Lifespan: 20+ years

Certificates: ISO9001, SGS

Cage Material: Q235 wire mesh and 275g/㎡cold/hot galvanized wire and sheet

Poultry House: open house or semi-open house

Tiers: 3,4 (according to the height of the house and your anticipate farming


Operation: Manual/Semi-auto/automatic

Age of birds: From 80 days old (0.9kg) to harvest day

Area for one bird: 430cm² to 470cm²

A type chicken layer cage

A type chicken layer cage is widely used in poultry chicken farming for low investment, high rate of return, long service life, and easy maintainance.

FamTECH’s chicken layer cage ensures good ventilation to be used in both open houses, semi-open houses and closed houses. It is also a good choice for poultry houses in tropical areas such as Africa, South-East Asia, East Asia, etc.

FamTECH also provides H type layer chicken cage, A type pullet cage, A type breeder cage, A type broiler cage

a hen cage for sale
A frame hen cage
hen cage A Type for sale

Specification of chicken layer cage

Cage depthCage lengthCapacity of one door cageCapacity of one set of cageArea per birdDistance between two frame
360mm390mm390 birds/3 tiers; 120 birds/4 tiers468cm²1980mm
450mm390mm4120 birds/3 tiers; 160 birds/4 tiers438cm²1980mm
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Advantages of FamTECH A type chicken layer cage

Superior material

100% Ventilation

Scientific design

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Hen Cage for Sale

  • Saving 75% of land compared to traditional chicken farming to maximize the number of breeding and productivity.
  • Low investment and high ROI rate, easy to maintain.
  • Scientific cage design effectively reduces waste in various aspects.

Details of Famtech’s hen cage for sale

A hen cage system bottom mesh

Wire mesh

Galvanized Steel Construction: Our hen cage for sale feature galvanized wire mesh made from high-quality steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.

Precision Spacing: The wire mesh is spaced for optimal ventilation, promoting chicken comfort and health.

hen cage door

Frame Design

Heavy-Duty Steel Frame: The heavy-duty steel frame provides stability for the entire hen cage for sale system.

A-Type Architecture: The A-shaped design maximizes space, allowing for efficient stacking and easy access to each tier.

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Feed Trough hen cage design

Feeder and Drinker System

Automated Feeding: Best-quality feed trolley with MCN motor, galvanized feed trough,South-African silo anger

Precision Drinkers: Water filter, DOSATRON medicine doser, 360 degree nipple drinker, V-shape water sink

hen cage for sale egg line

Egg Rollout Mechanism

Our A type hen cage for sale incorporates a gentle slope and specially designed egg collection trays beneath each tier, ensuring seamless egg collection with minimal breakage or contamination.

Automatic Poultry Equipments For Hen Cage for sale

egg collect convey box

Egg Collection System

Italy imported belt, 20+ years lifespan, vertical collection machine to collect 40,000 egg/hour

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drinking system poultry

Drinking System

Water filter, DOSATRON medicine doser, 360 degree nipple drinker, V-shape water sink

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layer cage manure removal

Manure System

Italy-imported 1.0 mm HDPP belt drived by MCN motor, 2 galvanized scrapper keep clean

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climate control outside

Climate Control

SIMENS fan, 150mm thick paper&aluminum alloy frame cooling pad, automatic air inlet

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Service of FamTECH’s hen cage for sale

Free Design of Hen Cage house

Not sure how many cage you need and how to arrange them? Our designer will provide clear drawings to maximize your productivity

Many-for-One Service & 1 year warranty

FamTECH’s professional support team will give you the best purchase experience. Our products has 1-year warranty

Installation of Cage for Layers Service

We provide on-site installation service, video or phone installation service. Professional training is also included

Dedicated After-sale service team

Our cage system engineer and our poultry professionals will provide you specialized knowledge about cage maintenance and chicken raising

Customization and Turnkey Service

Feel free to tell us your requirement to achieve mutual benefit and mutual promotion

Standard package and guaranteed quality

All products have to pass strict inspection before they go out. Products will be packed according to the International packaging standard

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