H Type Broiler

H Type Broiler Cages

Specially designed broiler chicken cage is suitable for centralized large-scale chicken farming.  H-type broiler cage can maximize yields during the rearing phase for you can maximize the number of broiler chicken. The Q235 &  hot Galvan material of cage is built for long-term sturdiness and resistance. Humanization design of FamTECH broiler cage is friendly to operators because it is labor-saving and fully automatic.  The spacious cage design lets caged chicken have the optimal activity space, which is good for their health and meat quality.

Automatic Broiler Cage System Specification

Service Life

20+ years


ISO9001, SGS


Q235 steel and hot galvanized wire mesh and sheet


intensive poultry farming house/closed chicken house


3,4 (for 156 or 208 birds)

Space per chicken


Automatic machines

Automatic drinking, automatic feeding, automatic manure removing, and automatic climate control

Age of birds

Day 1 to harvest day

Cell Capacity

9 birds (2kg), 10 birds (2.5kg)

Cell Size(mm)


Set Cage Size(mm)

2230 (height of cage)*2150 (width)*2550 (total height) (3 tiers),  2880*2150*3200 (4 tiers)

broiler cage specification
broiler house design

Advantages of FamTECH H Type Broiler Cages

broiler cage system floor

Cage Design

  • The distance between two cage layers is 650/800mm to realize great ventilation to maintain broiler chicken’s respiratory disease.
  • Polypropylene floor mesh of broiler chicken cage has great quality and elasticity. It is a push-pull design to make chicken harvest more easily.

Drinking System

  •  The height of water pipe of broiler cage system (diameter 2.2mm with extra thickness of 2mm) is adjustable along with the grow of broiler chicken.
  • Water pipe adapts superior PVC material that can endure with bending of 90 degrees for 7 times.
  •  FamTECH chooses ball valve nipple drinker over spring nipple drinker for it has better quality even though it has a higher price.
broiler cage drinking system
broiler chicken cage feeding system

Feeding System

  • Feed system of H type broiler cages has 1.2mm thick hot galvan hopper trolley with 0.75kw driving motor to run 8.67m/min to realize uniform and rapid feed distribution
  • The feed trough is made of hot galvanized steel. Its high corrosion resistance ensure a long service life.
  • According to the feeding density of poultry house, our customer can choose different feed silo capacity: 4/8/10/13/15/20/33 ton.

Manure System

  • Side safety door for chain wheel is made of 1mm thick hot galvanized sheet to protect workers from accidental hurt and manure system from broken and aging.
  • Manure in broiler cages is transported to the outside through transverse manure convey system. The belt uses 8mm rubber which is waterproof and wear-resistant.
manure conveyor belt of broiler cage system
A type broiler cage climate control

Climate Control System for Broiler Cage System

  • Fan: high-quality ventilation fan is made of hot galvanized frame and 430BA stainless steel. The fan’s average power is 36,000m²/h, which can efficiently discharge harmful gas and keep a high-level air quality.
  • Cooling Pad: It uses 150mm/200mm thick superior paper material to filter the harmful substances in the air and reduce the temperature of broiler chicken house, the size is also customizable.
  • Air Inlet: high-class PP material is employed, this machine can be automatic or manual.
  • All the parts above can be controlled automatically by EC-1211 climate controller.
h broiler cage system material
h broiler cage drinker
h broiler cage manure

Automatic Equipments for Broiler Cages

Egg Collection System

Italy-made belt, 20+ years lifespan, vertical collection machine to collect 40,000 egg/hour
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Drinking System

Water filter, DOSATRON medicine doser, 360 degree nipple drinker, V-shape water sink
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Feeding System

Best-quality feed trolley with MCN motor, galvanized feed trough,South-African silo anger
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Manure System

Italy-imported 1.0 mm HDPP belt drived by MCN motor, 2 galvanized scrapper keep clean
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Climate Control System

SIMENS fan, 150mm thick paper&aluminum alloy frame cooling pad, automatic air inlet
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Feeding System

Best-quality feed trolley with MCN motor, galvanized feed trough,South-African silo anger
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