Feeding System

Averagely speaking, a feeding system needs to work 5 times per day so its high quality must be guaranteed. FamTECH automatic chicken feeder is produced of IOS9001 galvanized sheet which is durable and can prolong its service life to 20 years.

The system is fully automatic and the feed is distributed evenly so that the labor cost and feed cost are decreased greatly. You only need to hire two people to take care of 100,000 birds with appropriate feed cost

chicken Feeder system

Advantages of FamTECH Poultry Feeding Machine

chicken cage feeder trough adjustable

V shape feed trough

  • Bending galvanized steel sheet into a “V” shape to create an anti-corrosion feed trough with low feed wastage rate.
  • The round edge design is safe for farmers to clean and check the trough.
  • High-quality adjustment apparatus can change the height of feed trough flexibly to meet various requirements of birds of different ages.

Feed cart system

  • The trolley of automatic chicken feeder is made of hot galvanized sheet so it possesses the feature of being sturdy and durable. The cart is fully closed design to prevent dust and harmful substances to get in.
  • The quantity of feed can be seen clearly at a glance through the observation window on the trolley.
  • Residual feed collection device at both the beginning and the end of feed trough can make full use of feed and reduce feeding cost.
  • Self-actuated automatic feed cart is independently controlled by steel cables and one high-quality gear motor from Taiwan Mingchun (0.75-HP per row) located on the top of the cage which is easy to maintain and can ensure smooth operation.
  • FamTECH feed cart is equipped with a brush that can clean the trough simultaneously when it is moving.
  • Guide wheel and wear strip on the distribution cart reduce the friction between components and extend the service life of the feeding system.
  • Capacity per hopper:50kg
  • Running speed:8 meters per minute
chicken cage feeder cart detail
chicken cage feeder silo

Silo (8T/10T/17T20T)

  • Conveyed by the best-quality South African auger, feed is distributed automatically to the feed carts from the 275g/㎡hot galvanized sheet feed silos with automatic exhaust function.
  • Feed elevator and silo weighing system of the feed ensure the hygienic, homogeneous, mixed and equal distribution.
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