Broiler Battery Cage System in High Temperature

Recently, there has been a trending topic of continuous high temperatures. Even humans need air conditioning to cool down in temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, but in Suizhou, Hubei, nearly 4,000 chickens died from heatstroke in a short period of time. Could it be because cooling devices were not installed in the broiler battery cage systems?

It is understood that the continuous high temperatures caused the fans to be turned on for cooling. However, due to a power failure in the circuit, the fans stopped working and there was no cooling system in place. As a result, the temperature inside the broiler battery cage systems continued to rise, turning them into “steam rooms.” In a properly designed smart broiler battery cage system, there should be intelligent sensors and alarms to provide early warning even if the fans fail. Unfortunately, in this case, the alarm system was not functioning due to incorrect wiring during installation, and no warning signal was issued. This series of events led to a rapid increase in temperature inside the broiler battery cage systems, causing the unfortunate death of over 4,000 chickens within just two hours.

This incident has prompted poultry farmers to reflect on whether professional tasks should be entrusted to professionals, whether they should only focus on low prices, and whether poultry farming should adopt intelligent equipment.

In the hot summer, broiler battery cage systems pose a major challenge for poultry farmers. Proper cooling measures must be taken in the broiler battery cage systems. With high stocking density in battery cages, excessive heat can lead to heat stress in the chicken flock, affecting their growth, development, and productivity. Taking effective measures to cool the broiler battery cage systems can prevent heat stress.

The key points for preventing and treating heat stress are as follows:

Improve the environment of the broiler battery cage systems: Heat stress is primarily caused by high temperatures. Therefore, the main measure to prevent and treat heat stress is to provide ventilation and cooling in the broiler battery cage systems. Poultry farmers should enhance ventilation in the broiler battery cage systems and maintain an appropriate stocking density. Installing evaporative cooling pads in the broiler battery cage systems can significantly lower the temperature by approximately 10 degrees Celsius when combined with ventilation equipment.

Adjust the feed formula timely: High temperatures can reduce the feed intake of the chicken flock, leading to insufficient nutrient intake. Poultry farmers should adjust the feeding regimen in summer by increasing the energy and protein content in the feed, as well as supplementing vitamins and trace elements.

Modify the feeding time: Generally, poultry farmers feed the chickens in the morning, noon, and evening. However, in summer, it is advisable to change the feeding time to avoid the hottest periods. Feeding the chickens in the early morning and evening can prevent increased body temperature due to feeding and reduce heat stress. It also improves feed intake and enhances the birds’ resistance.

Add heat stress-reducing substances: Many poultry farmers are aware of the stress-reducing effects of vitamin C. Therefore, adding a significant amount of vitamin C (0.1-0.2g per kg of feed) to the drinking water or feed can enhance the birds’ ability to resist heat stress and alleviate its symptoms. Adding 0.2%-0.3% baking soda can reduce respiratory acidosis, improve the alkaline environment in the intestines, increase the concentration of calcium ions in the blood, promote calcium absorption, improve eggshell quality, and prevent paralysis in laying hens. Certain heat-resistant substances such as borneol, mint, or their preparations can also be added if necessary.

Provide sufficient cool drinking water: During high temperatures, it is essential to continuously provide cool well water to the chickens, which can significantly reduce their body temperature and prevent heat stress.

Individual treatment: Poultry farmers should regularly observe the chicken flock and promptly take measures if any individual birds show symptoms of heatstroke. Administering 0.5mL of Houttuynia cordata water orally and placing the affected birds in a shaded and well-ventilated area can quickly alleviate the symptoms.

Famtech has always closely monitored industry trends and market demands, continuously innovating technologies and products. With the core belief of “quality is life, innovation is soul,” the company is committed to delivering high-quality products and services to its customers. The smart broiler battery cage system developed by the company adopt the latest fully automated and professional equipment, including environmental control systems, centralized feeding systems, centralized egg collection systems, and centralized manure removal systems. Water supply, feeding, ventilation, and temperature control are all digitally and intelligently controlled. With insulation in winter and cooling in summer, a constant temperature is maintained in the broiler battery cage systems throughout the year, ensuring the health and safety of the laying hens’ eggs. The fully automated and mechanized operation mode effectively guarantees a clean and hygienic environment in the farms, achieving zero external emissions and creating a circular, green, and pollution-free broiler battery cage farming base.

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