H-Type Pullet Cage Installed in South-Pacific Country

FamTECH H type has successfully been received by our customer in South-pacific island country.  During the previous conversation, we learned that the weather of the project is rainy and humid. So our support team recommended the galvanized H type pullet cage. It has long lifespan of 20+ years and has the feature of anti-rust and dampproof.

pullet cage environment
pullet cage house outside

The chicken house is enclosed-design. After the pullet cage is installed, the chicken house will be enclosed and the poultry climate control system will be installed to automatically control the temperature, humidity to save labor and ensure the health of chicken.

pullet cage
H type pullet cage alley
pullet cage galvan

The capacity of feed silo depends on the quantity of breeding number. Automatic feeding system can distribute automatically and evenly. The feed trough, silo and feed cart are all galvanized material with 20+ years lifespan and superior driving motor.

silo installation
pullet cage silo
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