Slatted Floor System in Poultry

The advantages of slatted floor system in poultry

First, chickens do not come into contact with manure, which reduces the incidence of coccidiosis and other diseases; second, chicken manure is dry, and the air in the house is fresh; third, the environmental conditions around the chicken body are uniform; fourth It is convenient to implement mechanized operation and save labor.

Slatted floor system in poultry. This method is basically the same as the free-range laying hens on the Internet. The main feature is to lay a layer of elastic plastic square eye slatted floor system in poultry on the metal floor net. This kind of net is soft and elastic, and the broiler chickens are active in the slatted floor system in poultry. , can reduce the incidence of leg disease and chest cysts, improve the qualified rate of goods. This method can reduce the contact between broiler chickens and chicken manure, and reduce the chances of infection of digestive tract diseases and parasitic diseases, especially for coccidiosis control.

slatted floor system in poultry
poultry floor system

Specification of slatted floor system in poultry

Slat foor
1pcs1200*500*4016*16 (for baby chicken)2.0

In recent years, many farmers have adopted the method of slatted floor system in poultry to raise broiler chickens, raising chickens on racks covered with bamboo slats, wooden slats or metal mesh. The shelf or high bed is 60~70 cm away from the ground. If chickens live on the bed, chicken manure falls from the mesh. This feeding method isolates chickens from manure, reduces the chance of disease, and saves daily manure work and manpower. At the same time, chicken manure can be recycled in time, which improves the economic benefits of raising chickens. Some chicken farmers use very thin bamboo poles or very thin wooden slats as bed surfaces, which are very unstable. Chickens can’t walk on it without a certain support force, and their legs can’t be exercised. The broilers are heavy and their legs are not able to support the whole body. After a long time, some chickens will be paralyzed. In addition, some net beds have bamboo. The thorns or wood thorns can easily pierce the toes of the chickens, causing toenitis and ulcers on the pads of the feet; there are also very hard mesh beds, and the broilers often lie on their stomachs, which can easily wear off the chest, and then form chest cysts. The above all affect the slaughter rate of broilers and reduce the economic benefits of raising chickens. This is also the disadvantage of online flat breeding, but these problems can be avoided as long as we pay more attention to the manufacture of net beds.

plastic slat floor
plastic slat floor for chicken

FamTECH’s slatted floor system in poultry has excellent workmanship and can effectively avoid the above problems.

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