Poultry Flooring System

The construction method of poultry flooring system duck house

The poultry flooring system can use a double row and single corridor duckling house with windows. The span is generally 8 meters and the width of the aisle is 1 meter. When raising horizontally on the Internet, use bamboo, wood or other materials to build a frame. The distance from the ground depends on the convenience of the breeder to feed, add water, and remove feces. It is generally 60-80 cm, and a plastic mesh is laid on it, with a mesh of about 13 mm. . The flat net can be divided into several small grids. The ground under the mesh frame is a “v”-shaped cement slope ditch, and the slope is inclined at 30 degrees. The ducklings’ excrement can directly leak into the “v”-shaped ditch, which can be cleaned by a little flushing with water, and then discharged into the septic tank. Fermentation. The duckling water tank uses a “V”-shaped water tank, which is installed on the mesh fence near the corridor, and it is more convenient to use a drinker where conditions permit. Each group has a square-shaped iron material pan. The net-raised duckling house is more hygienic and dry than the flat-raised duckling house, saves bedding and energy, is conducive to centralized manure collection, is convenient for operation and management, and is suitable for large-scale breeding.

poultry flooring system
poultry flooring

Breeding ducks can be brooded by combining the ground with the poultry flooring system. The area on the net accounts for 1/3, and the floor with litter accounts for 2/3.
Large-scale production can also use multi-layer cages. The difference between it and the polltry flooring system is that except for the bottom layer, each layer has a manure bearing board, which is inclined to the side that is conducive to drainage, and the height of each layer of cage is 45-50 cm. Multi-layer cages can make use of the duck house space, increase the feeding volume, and save energy, but the management is inconvenient and the cost is high.

The duck house, duck beach, and water perimeter need to be fenced together. The height of the fence on land is 60-80 cm, the height of the upper edge of the water fence should exceed the high water level by 50 cm, and the lower edge should be deep into the river bottom, or 50 cm below the low water level. The land sports field, water sports field or paddling pool should be divided into several parts corresponding to the duck house, which is conducive to the restriction of breeding ducks.

slatted floor for poultry
slatted floor detail
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