Poultry Farm Climate Control System

Light control of poultry farm climate control system

The chicks need 24 hours of light for 3 days before hatching, and the light intensity is 5 to 10 lux. With the increase of age, the light time gradually decreased, reducing 1.5 to 2 hours a day, and after the 15th day, it remained for 8 hours, and the light intensity decreased to about 5 lux. After 18 weeks of age, near the laying period, the light time should be gradually increased to 15-16 hours, and the light intensity should be restored to 10 lux.

Rotem climate controller

Harmful Gas Control 1 Removal of Harmful Gas Sources

1. Reasonable design of the manure cleaning and drainage system, timely cleaning of manure and urine, and minimizing the accumulation time of manure and urine in the chicken house are the basic methods to reduce the concentration of harmful gases in the house
2. Inhibit the production of harmful gases of poultry farm climate control system
Optimize the structure of the diet, formulate full-price diets according to the nutritional needs of chickens, avoid the lack or excess of nutrients in the diet, and pay special attention to the protein level in the diet should not be too high, otherwise it will cause protein indigestion and excessive nitrogen excretion.
3. Biochemical deodorization of poultry farm climate control system
Using beneficial microbial preparations such as EM preparations, mixed feeding, soluble in water for drinking or spraying chicken houses, the deodorization effect is remarkable. Use hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate, copper sulfate, acetic acid and other drugs to achieve the purpose of inhibiting and reducing the generation of harmful gases in the chicken house through sterilization.
4. Adsorption of harmful gases of poultry farm climate control system
Use fluorspar, yucca extract, charcoal, activated carbon, quicklime and other adsorbent substances to adsorb harmful gases in the air. 5 Chinese herbal deodorants
5.Many Chinese herbs have a deodorizing effect, commonly used are mugwort, atractylodes, big green leaves, garlic, orange stalks and so on. Put the above Chinese herbs in equal parts and smoke them in the chicken house, which can not only inhibit bacteria, but also deodorize.
6. Removal of harmful gases from poultry farm climate control system
For fumigation and disinfection with formaldehyde, the dosage and time should be strictly controlled. After the fumigation is over, the ventilation should be timely. After the irritating odor is exhausted, it will be transferred to the flock. Ventilation can also adjust the humidity in the house, remove water vapor and moisture, and increase the comfort of the flock.

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