Automatic Climate Control System in Poultry Farm

Advantages of automatic climate control system in poultry farm

1. The automatic climate control system in poultry farm can regulate and control chicken farms to the level of fingertips, and accurately control various environmental parameters;
2. Receive early warning information of chicken farms in a timely manner, and can quickly respond to abnormal and unexpected situations;
3. Establish a chicken farm management database, and gradually explore standardized and scientific breeding programs to improve the quality of egg production;
4. Accurately control energy consumption such as water and electricity to reduce waste of resources;

The Internet of Things technology is being applied in all walks of life. For professional farmers, to improve economic efficiency and improve the quality of eggs and meat, choose automatic climate control system in poultry farm to manage chicken farms conveniently.

breeding chicken cage system ventilation machine

Improve the environment of the poultry chicken house

1. Regular disinfection
Clean up excrement and urine in time, and keep the chicken house and its surrounding environment clean frequently. Disinfect the coop with disinfectant once a week. Do weekly disinfection and clean every day to reduce the concentration of dust in the air and completely kill pathogenic microorganisms to prevent the spread of diseases.
2. Reasonable layout of chicken farms
The layout of the functional areas of the chicken farm should be scientific and reasonable, the clean road and the sewage channel should be separated, and the drainage and sewage discharge should be smooth, which is the basic guarantee to ensure a good environment in the farm road area.
3. Rational use of feces
After the fecal sewage is harmlessly treated by biological fermentation, firstly, it is used as organic fertilizer for field crops, or processed into high-efficiency organic fertilizer; secondly, it is used for biological utilization such as fish and livestock raising.
4. Greening around the site
Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis; they can reduce the temperature by 10% to 20%. Reduce heat radiation by 80%; reduce bacterial content by 22% to 79%, dust removal by 35% to 67%, deodorization by 50%, and reduce harmful and toxic gas content by 25%; it also has the effect of preventing wind and odor. Greening should be carried out in the field boundary forest belt, the field isolation forest belt, the forests on both sides of the road inside and outside the field, the shady forest, vines, flowers and grasses.
5.Remove noise
The chicken farm site should avoid various noise sources, minimize the noise generated by various management links, and adopt a production process with relatively low noise to allow chickens to grow in a quiet and good environment.

For many specialized farmers, automatic climate control system in poultry farm has the advantages of digitization, intelligence and integration compared to traditional farming methods. It is a new model of large-scale farming and brings a lot of conveniences.

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