Temperature Control Poultry Farm

Temperature control poultry farm on the basis of high temperature

  1. Adjust the diet structure
    High temperature will reduce the feed intake and physical energy of chickens. It can be adjusted by increasing the diet’s concentration and the number of feedings. The protein level can be appropriately increased, and the feeding of 3 times a day is changed to 4 times, especially the feeding of one meal in the evening. , At this time, the ambient temperature is low, and the chickens like to eat, which is very helpful to improve the egg production rate. vitamins. Also known as anti-stress factor, it has a good effect on antipyretic should be taught, maintains life and improves the amount of machine immunity. in thermal stress
  2. Increase water intake
    In the case of high temperature, the water in the body is seriously lost due to evaporation of heat and respiration. Ensuring sufficient cool drinking water is an effective measure to prevent and regulate physiological functions.
  3. Reduce stocking density
    The stocking density is too high and the relative space is small, which can easily aggravate heat stress. In the summer, they should be grouped in a timely and reasonable manner, and the stocking density should be appropriately reduced. 4. Calm and relieve shock
    Sedatives can reduce central nervous system tension and slow the heat stress response. Available chlorpromazine, stability and so on. Chlorpromazine can not only reduce the basal metabolic rate of chickens, reduce activity and heat production, and maintain heat balance during heat stress, but also can promote feed intake and improve feed utilization.
  4. Shading and cooling
    Improve the shading, ventilation and heat insulation design of the chicken coop. Cooling equipment such as electric fans and water curtains can be installed. Grape, gourd, loofah and other green plants are planted around the chicken coop, which can not only harvest melons and fruits, but also shade and shade the light, and the effect is good.
A type broiler cage climate control

Temperature control poultry farm on the basis of low temperature

Air ducts are added to the vents, curtains are hung on doors and windows, and holes and gaps in the walls are blocked to avoid the invasion of thieves. Small-scale chicken farms can use stoves, firewalls, flues, etc. to save money; larger-scale chicken farms can use central heating such as water, steam, and electricity, and heating equipment such as hot blast stoves, water heaters, and electric suction devices. Under the low temperature environment, the heat energy consumption of the chicken body is large, and the proportion of heat energy feed should be appropriately increased: in winter, the day is short and the night is long, and a night supplementary feeding should be added.

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