Plastic Slatted Floor for Chicken

The so-called plastic slatted floor for chicken is to set up a grid frame at a height of about 60 cm above the ground (metal, bamboo and other materials can be used to set up the frame), and then lay nets and grids made of metal, plastic or bamboo and wood on the frame. The chickens live on the nets and grids, and the chicken manure falls to the ground through the gaps of the meshes or grids, accumulates for a breeding period, and is removed at one time after the chickens are released from the slaughter. The size of the mesh or grid slit is appropriate so that chicken feet cannot enter and chicken manure can fall. The mesh shapes of metal or plastic meshes are circular, triangular, hexagonal, vine-shaped, etc. The commonly used specifications are generally 1.25 cm x 1.25 cm. The size of the mesh bed can be flexibly controlled according to the area of the chicken house, but there should be enough aisles for easy operation. Plastic slatted floor for chicken is generally done by hand. Conditional can be equipped with automatic water supply, feeding, manure and other mechanical equipment.

There are three main types of feeding methods commonly used in broiler raising: ground free-range, plastic slatted floor for chicken and cage. Among them, raising broiler chickens online is the best choice.

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The plastic slatted floor for chicken is suitable for the raising of broiler chickens sold at 1.75~2 kg. Due to the rigidity of the netting, if the broilers are allowed to weigh more than 2.5 kg, the incidence of leg disease and breast cysts is relatively high. In addition, this kind of feeding method requires the use of more feeding buckets and drinking fountains, so that the chickens can eat and drink after a few steps. Otherwise, the broiler chickens will reduce their feed intake due to the inconvenience of moving online. The same size as the level raised, the final weight may be smaller than the broiler when the ground level is raised. A better way is to raise them online to 30 days of age, and then transfer them to ground level raising.

The advantage of plastic slatted floor for chicken is that it reduces the chance of contact between broilers and manure, reduces the incidence of respiratory diseases, coccidiosis and colibacillosis, etc., and significantly improves the success rate. Another advantage is that very pure chicken manure can be obtained. Fresh broiler manure is fermented and fed to pigs. Adding 15% to 25% to pig feed is better, because the manure can be removed in time, and the ammonia gas in the house will be eliminated. And the amount of dust is also less. It is beneficial to the growth of broilers and is also convenient for feeding and management.

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