Plastic Poultry Flooring for Sale

Plastic Poultry Flooring for Sale–Broiler Breeding Technology

1.Lighting control. Broilers need light mainly to prolong feeding time and promote growth. Broilers generally use 24-hour light. If you give 1 hour of darkness every day, the chickens can adapt to the dark environment, and once the power goes out, they will not be crowded and suffocated. The principle of light intensity in plastic poultry flooring for sale is from strong to weak. In 1-2 weeks, there should be 2.7 watts per square meter, which can help the chickens to familiarize themselves with the environment and fully consume food and water. In the third week, it was changed to 0.7 to 1.3 watts per square meter. Strong light is harmful to chickens and hinders growth, while weak light can make chickens quiet, which is conducive to growth and fattening.

2.The control of ventilation in plastic poultry flooring for sale, keeping the air fresh and proper circulation in the chicken house is an important condition for raising broilers. Sufficient oxygen can keep chickens in good health. Generally, the oxygen content of the chicken house should be kept above 18%. Avoid excessive fluorine gas in the house. Excessive inhalation of ammonia gas will stimulate the trachea and cause bronchitis and conjunctivitis. , ascites, etc., but also increase the chance of coccidiosis infection, thereby reducing the conversion rate of feed, resulting in slow growth.

slatted floor system for chicken
drawing poultry flooring system

3.Vaccine immunization. Regular epidemic prevention can effectively prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases. Such as chicken Newcastle disease, infectious bursa, bronchitis, etc., broiler chickens generally use 4 vaccines. In the 1st week, the eyes were instilled with H nose, the bursa seedlings were used to drink water in the 2nd week, the H water was used in the 3rd week, and the bursa seedlings were used once again in the 4th week.

4.Observe chicken flocks in plastic poultry flooring for sale. Observing the flock can keep abreast of the health of the flock. Healthy chickens are in good spirits, responsive, and have a strong appetite. Under normal circumstances, feces have a certain shape and are gray-brown with a certain amount of white material attached to the surface. If the stool is abnormal, it means that you have been infected with the disease, and you should diagnose and treat it in time to avoid economic losses.

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