Broiler Battery Cages

The cage net of the broiler battery cages equipment is welded by high-strength Q235 high-quality steel wire, which enhances the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the equipment, and prolongs the service life of the cage net.
The broiler battery cages raising equipment can realize the automatic release of broilers. After the broilers grow to a certain stage, the plastic bottom plate can be pulled out, and the chickens fall on the manure belt.
The broiler battery cages equipment includes an automatic feeding system, an automatic water supply system and an automatic manure removal system, leading the domestic industry standard, which can realize the automation and specialization of broiler cage breeding and improve the efficiency of broiler breeding.

Advantages of broiler battery cages

1. The mesh of the broiler battery cages is smooth, which can prevent the chicken feet from being injured and infected. Net bottom encryption can effectively prevent chicken fatigue syndrome. Galvanized mesh can extend the service life by 6-7 times.
2. High-density farming saves about fifty percent of the land compared to free grazing.​​
3. Centralized management saves energy and resources, reduces the incidence of poultry, and the unique cage door design effectively prevents chickens from shaking their heads up and down and wasting feed.​​
4. The broiler battery cages can be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the site, and an automatic drinking water system can be installed.​

broiler house design

Daily maintenance of broiler battery cages

Maintenance of chicken coops should be carried out in accordance with maintenance procedures. Equipment maintenance procedures are the requirements and regulations for routine maintenance. Following the maintenance regulations for your chicken coop can extend the life of your equipment. What is the daily maintenance of the chicken coop?​​
1. Check and evaluate the contents and methods of the operator to maintain the broiler battery cages, etc.
2. Parts, methods and standards for routine inspection, maintenance and periodic inspection;
3. Broiler battery cages: operation content, operation method, instruments and materials used, standards and precautions to be achieved, such as neatness, cleanliness, firmness, lubrication and anti-corrosion. There should be no dust near the chicken cage, and the pipes and pants for feeding should be keep clean. Certain parts of the equipment should be lubricated with the proper amount to ensure proper operation without severe friction.

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