Broiler Cage System

Broiler cage system are specially made for broiler breeding. In order to overcome the inflammation of the broiler chest caused by the hard bottom of the cage, high-quality plastics are used to make broiler cage system. The trouble of catching chickens also avoids the possible adverse reactions of chickens.
Advantages of broiler cage system
First, the cost of drug administration is reduced. Due to the good environmental sanitation, fewer chickens get sick, and fewer drugs are administered, the average drug dose for broilers is about 0.6 yuan per chicken, and each chicken needs to be dosed 1-1.5 yuan RMB per feeding cycle, so each chicken can be less than 0.6 yuan. Increase the profit margin; the second is to reduce the energy consumption of broilers themselves. Broiler cage system limit the activity of broilers, reduce energy consumption, and achieve the same body weight, shorten the production cycle, and reduce feed consumption. Greatly increased the number of broiler slaughtered per unit volume. The third is to reduce labor expenditure. Broiler chickens are raised in cages, and chickens have been raised in cages from childhood to adulthood, which is not only convenient for management, but also significantly reduces the stress of the flock caused by catching chickens for epidemic prevention, and can also use automatic manure removal facilities, all of which reduce labor costs. ; Fourth, the depreciation of fixed assets is low. Although the one-time investment of cage equipment is relatively large, the sum of depreciation and flat-raising bedding costs plus cleaning and labor expenses is almost the same.
To sum up, broiler cage system are in line with the breeding trend and adapt to the development of the modern animal husbandry industry. Broiler cages are the best choice for farmers to improve the breeding environment, expand the scale of breeding, improve economic efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

cage A type broiler
Broiler cage system
A type broiler cage specification
Drawing of broiler cage system
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