High Tech Chicken Cage

Now high tech chicken cage is divided into two categories, A-type and H-type. High tech chicken cage is characterized by cascade breeding, the number of layers up to 8 layers, unit space breeding density is very high, feeding output is large, can achieve reasonable doubling of benefits, save labor costs, the use of high tech chicken cage up to one person can raise 50,000 chickens. Mainly for mature breeding conditions, large scale breeding farmers
A-type high tech chicken cage has scientific design, reasonable structure, strong and durable, convenient operation and other advantages, but the density and scale of breeding is not as good as H-type high tech chicken cage, but the cost is lower than H-type, mainly for some small and medium-sized farmers.

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Advantages of high tech chicken cage

1.Combined cage mesh, cold galvanized economy; Hot-dip galvanized production;

2.The gate reinforcement design, effectively prevent the chicken feed head shaking up and down waste. The space is enlarged to facilitate various operations on the chicken is conducive to the chicken and any growth stage of the chick in the rotation into the operation of simple

3. The high tech chicken cage bracket is made of cold plate rolling forming and galvanized, and the trough is made of white plastic steel, including adjusting plate, joint and plastic

Mesh aperture Q15mm; And other specifications

4. Easy to assemble, feeding convenient, easy to manage, save the site, effective infectious diseases, improve the survival rate of chickens;

5. Reduce labor costs, realize feeding, feeding, drinking water, dung cleaning, environmental automation control, greatly reduce the workers

Labor intensity, saving labor costs; Chicken and manure belt do not contact, chicken manure cleaning regularly, lower ammonia and hydrogen sulfide

And other harmful gases can greatly improve the chicken house feeding environment

6. High feeding density, saving land, high degree of intensification. Compared with free-range breeding, it saves about 50% of the land and centralized management

About energy and resources, reduce the incidence of poultry disease, improve the survival rate of chicks, cage door design, high tech chicken cage can be based on

Chicken farm area size adjustment, can be installed automatic drinking water system, automatic filling, automatic manure removal, realize breeding automation.

Single or multilayer adjustment is also available.

7. Special specifications can be customized sample can also be customized according to requirements.

8. There are many kinds of high tech chicken cage classification, such as three-layer transmission coop, conveyor belt coop, overlapping egg cage, brood into one cage,

Three-layer laying cage, vertical brood cage,

9. Production, sales, installation integrated services.

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Service Life

20+ years


ISO9001, SGS


Q235 wire mesh and hot galvanized sheet

275g/㎡ galvanized aluminum wire mesh & 275g/㎡ hot dip galvanized plate


Large-scale(better more than 25,000) poultry chicken house and closed house

Cell size



3,4,5,6,7,8(according to the height of house and your anticipate farming scale)

Capacity per set

96 birds-3 tiers, 128 birds-4 tiers,160 birds-5 tiers,192 birds-6 tiers,224 birds-7 tiers,256 birds-8 tiers

Area for one bird


Feeding trough length for one bird

130mm(material of feeding trough: zinc-aluminum sheet)

Automatic machines

Automatic drinking, automatic feeding, automatic manure removing, automatic egg collecting and automatic climate control

Age of birds

From 80 day-old (0.9kg) to harvest day

Our Services

Installation Service

FamTECH provides on-site/video/phone installation of poultry cage service. Some devices are installed before shipment. We also provide training for your workers.

Support Team

Pre-sale free design of chicken house, instant Q&A service and poultry knowledge teaching make sure a worriless purchasing experience.

Delivery on Time

We provide 15-45 days of production time, strict quality inspection, packaging and delivery policy, 365 days VIP service, customized service and turnkey service.

1 years warranty

for all of our Products

Premium quality and superb craftsmanship of FamTECH poultry cage endow us the confidence of long-term warranty of 1 years (including the core componets of chicken cage). Our warranty service safeguard your poultry business.

Supportive Automatic Poultry Equipments For high tech chicken cage

Egg Collection System

Italy-made belt, 20+ years lifespan, vertical collection machine to collect 40,000 egg/hour
Hot sale

Drinking System

Water filter, DOSATRON medicine doser, 360 degree nipple drinker, V-shape water sink
Hot sale

Feeding System

Best-quality feed trolley with MCN motor, galvanized feed trough,South-African silo anger
Hot sale

Manure System

Italy-imported 1.0 mm HDPP belt drived by MCN motor, 2 galvanized scrapper keep clean
Hot sale

Climate Control System

SIMENS fan, 150mm thick paper&aluminum alloy frame cooling pad, automatic air inlet
Hot sale

Feeding System

Best-quality feed trolley with MCN motor, galvanized feed trough,South-African silo anger
Hot sale
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