A Type Layer Outdoor Chicken Cage Installed in Southeast Asia

This case includes 3 rows, 4 tiers, 159 sets of cages that can hold 31,800 birds. The size of chicken cage house is 121*12.5*(1.6+1.6) meters. The outdoor chicken cage is equipped with manure collect machine, drinking system, automatic feeding system which can decrease labor costs greatly.

outdoor chicken cage pic
outdoor chicken cage manure removal
outdoor chicken cage outside

After taking the factors of climate, humidity, economy into consideration, FamTECH’s R&D department provides an outdoor chicken cage design for our customers. The outdoor chicken cage has a high requirement for ventilation. FamTECH A type cage has a special design and appropriate cage distance.

outdoor chicken cage egg collect

A type of outdoor chicken cage performs well in tropical areas and open/semi-open chicken houses. The 275 and galvanized material is anti-corrosion and dampproof, so it can be used in rainy areas for more than 10 years.

outdoor chicken cage case
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