Reasonable Feeding in Egg Chicken Cage for Sale in Summer

Reasonable feeding in egg chicken cage for sale in Summer

  1. Add oil and fat: Experiments have shown that when the ambient temperature exceeds 25 °C, the chicken will reduce its own heat production by reducing the intake of energy feed, resulting in insufficient nutrient intake, resulting in a decline in egg production performance, so we need to. Feed formula diets with higher nutrient concentrations. The effective method is to replace carbohydrates with animal and vegetable fats, and 1% to 2% of fats can be added to the diet as energy supplements. Increase the protein level in the diet by 1% to 2% accordingly, and pay attention to maintaining the balance of amino acids.
  2. Add green and juicy feed: The feed has good palatability and is rich in various vitamins, which can increase the feed intake of laying hens, and is beneficial to health and heatstroke prevention.
  3. Calcium supplementation: eggshell formation is mainly at dusk, so soluble stone powder or shell powder should be provided to hens alone in the afternoon to improve eggshell quality, and at the same time, it can also reduce the impact of heat stress on chickens and stimulate chickens. Increase feed intake, thereby increasing egg production.
  4. Timely feed and increase the number of feedings: The temperature in the morning and evening in summer is relatively low. At this time, the appetite of the laying hens is higher, and the feed intake is correspondingly larger. The feeding time can be adjusted, and the feeding time can be adjusted before the lights are turned off in the morning and at night. Feed 1 time.
  5. Add anti-heat stress additives: (1) Supplementary addition of vitamin C. In summer, adding 100 mg of vitamin C to the diet of laying hens, or adding 0.1% of vitamin C to drinking water, can not only improve the egg production rate of chickens but also enhance the resistance of chickens to bacterial and viral diseases. (2) Adding Chinese herbal medicine additives: can not only prevent and control certain diseases, but also resist heat stress, and has obvious effects on improving the production performance of chickens. Such as heat-clearing and fire-reducing categories: gypsum, choke, etc., can help the body to dissipate heat; heat-removing categories: Huoxiang, incense penny, can dissipate heat and prevent heatstroke; soothe the nerves and shock: Polygala japonica, Paiziren, Suanzaoren, can soothe the nerves Suppresses shock and has anti-heat stress effect. (3) Adding Bacitracin Zinc: Bacitracin Zinc is an anti-heat stress reliever with good application effect. (4) Adding baking soda (sodium bicarbonate): The content of bicarbonate ions in the blood of laying hens will decrease during heat stress. Adding 0.1% to 0.2% sodium bicarbonate to the diet can maintain a stable level of Hco3- in the blood, thereby relieving heat stress. Adding 0.3% to 1% sodium bicarbonate can significantly increase egg production and reduce the thin-shelled and defective eggs significantly. When sodium bicarbonate is added, the utilization rate of dietary protein can also be improved, but attention should be paid to reducing the salt content in the diet.
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