How to Use Layer Hen Cages for Sale in Summer

Matters needing attention when using layer hen cages for sale to raise chickens in summer
This year, most parts of my country have a lot of rain, high humidity and high temperature. Continuous high temperature weather will lead to heat stress and heat stroke in chickens, resulting in decreased feed intake, reduced egg production, and even a large number of dead chickens. The vast number of layer hen cages for sale farmers face challenges. In order to maintain high and stable yields, it is recommended that farmers take the following feeding and management measures.

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(1) Cooling down

  1. Ventilation: the longitudinal ventilation method is generally adopted. It is an advanced ventilation method developed in recent years. This method is suitable for closed chicken houses. The specific operation method is: install a high-power exhaust fan at one end of the chicken house, and set up an air inlet at the opposite end, so that the entire chicken house forms an air passageway, allowing the air to pass above the chickens, so that the chickens feel cool. .
  2. Spray cooling: in the case of high temperature and poor ventilation conditions, use a high-pressure spray gun or sprayer to spray and cool fresh and cool deep well water with chickens at noon and afternoon every day (or add an appropriate amount of disinfectant to disinfect with chickens). Water vaporizes to absorb heat from the house.
  3. Set up awnings: Set up awnings on the sunny side of the chicken house of layer hen cages for sale and on the side of the air inlet of the chicken coop. The sunlight can block the cool air from entering the chicken house through the shade canopy, and the temperature in the chicken coop can be lowered by 2℃- 3°C. The material used in the awning is generally a cold yarn composed of chemical fibers, which can block sunlight and has good air permeability.
  4. Whitening to reduce heat: White has weak light absorption and heat absorption performance. Spray white paint on the walls and roofs of the chicken house of layer hen cages for sale once a year, which can not only sterilize but also cool down.
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