Poultry Climate Control

With the continuous development of society and the popularization of the large-scale breeding industry, there are more and more enterprises and self-employed farmers raising chickens, ducks, pigs, and cattle, and large-scale breeding and one-stop industrial chains have been formed in many places. Chicken farmers know that the temperature and humidity of the chicken house have a great impact on the chicken, and it is also a headache for everyone. poultry climate control can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity of the chicken house.

Poultry climate control is mainly suitable for chicken houses, chicken factories, duck houses, duck farms, pig farms, cattle farms and other breeding scenarios, and can realize intelligent control of lighting, temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide content and other functions in the farm. According to the growing needs of livestock and poultry, the environmental conditions can be adjusted intelligently in stages to achieve refined automatic management, reduce the occurrence of diseases and reduce losses. poultry climate control can automatically control equipment such as wet curtain fan, spray water, internal and external sunshade, top window and side window, heating, supplementary light and other equipment; through a complete set of temperature, humidity and harmful gas detection solutions, to ensure the indoor environment of chicken farms The environment for the growth and development of animals is improved, and the economic benefits are improved.

poultry house climate system

The poultry climate control feeds back to the host through various data, and various switch functions and working statuses are displayed on the host, which is clear at a glance and easy to operate. The chicken house breeding environment control system automatically starts or stops, heats, exhausts, humidifies, feeds, cleans manure, discharges ammonia, alarms and other equipment control and data monitoring according to the corresponding data, stabilizing the environment of the farm every minute.

Poultry climate control is mainly controlled by the control machine computer as a whole and automatically. Input the corresponding temperature, humidity, negative pressure, harmful gas and other related parameters in the computer operation, and the opening angle of the ventilation window. The chicken coop is equipped with a safety emergency alarm device, and at the same time, it can realize remote alarm, remote monitoring, and remote real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, harmful gases, and other related parameters in the chicken coop. Being able to travel all over the world’s pastures becomes a reality in the palm of your hand.

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