Poultry Climate Control System

With the rapid development of chicken industry in recent years, the gap between my country and the international advanced level has gradually narrowed in terms of breed, nutrition, disease control and breeding technology, but there is still a big gap in the poultry climate control system. The impact of the control system on poultry production has not been given due attention. Under the premise that the introduction of improved poultry breeds, the control of severe infectious diseases, nutrition and feeding technology have basically been solved in China, the poultry climate control system has played an important role in poultry production. very important role.
A good living environment for poultry is the premise of the health of the flock, an important measure to improve production performance, and a guarantee for improving product quality. The environmental factors of the chicken house mainly include temperature, humidity, light, harmful gases, dust and other aspects. Different stages have different requirements for the environment, and different environmental factors that need to be controlled in different seasons are also different.

climate control outside

The poultry climate control system is actually environmental control, such as the control of temperature, humidity, ventilation and other indicators. Of course, how to do environmental control is more complicated. Because the forms of chicken coops are different, there are simple chicken coops, automated chicken coops, and chicken coops. There are semi-open chicken coops and fully closed chicken coops. Various chicken coops have different operation methods. Of course, the fully automatic poultry climate control system is the best, fool-like operation, but no matter what kind of chicken coop and what kind of equipment , all need to be operated by humans, the most critical of which is the mastery of indicators, such as how much to control the temperature of the chicken house environment? How much humidity? wind speed? ventilation, etc. With the help from FamTECH, you will have a worry-free experience in starting a poultry business.

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