Indoor Chicken Cage

When purchasing laying hen cages, farmers should pay attention to four points for purchasing indoor chicken cages:

  1. Spacing between iron bars of indoor chicken cage

This indicator of the indoor chicken cage is very important. The reasonable spacing is 2.5cm*5cm. Some farmers may think that the size of the laying hens is relatively large and the spacing can be increased. This idea is wrong. Conditional farmers can also lay a plastic net at the bottom of the laying hen cage, which is consistent with the cage eyes, which can not only buffer the strength of the eggs hitting the net and reduce the egg breaking rate, but also prevent some diseases.

  1. Design angle of rolling eggs at the bottom of the laying hen cage

The angle of the indoor chicken cage should be accurate. The small angle cannot roll out the eggs in time, and the chicken will be trampled. The large angle may cause the eggs to break. The general angle should be kept at seven to eight degrees.

indoor chicken cage
  1. Pay attention to the connection between the laying hen cage and the bottom of the cage net

Here, I must remind all farmers that there should be no large gaps here, because there are many eggs that fall here, so you must pay attention to this detail when buying an indoor chicken cage.

  1. Material selection of laying hen cage

The selection of materials for the indoor chicken cage is very particular. It is necessary to choose suitable and tough materials. The diameter of the iron wire at the bottom of the cage is about 2 mm, and the egg breaking rate is small.
Raising chicks in indoor chicken cages is a method of raising chickens that many farmers choose. Using chicken cages to raise chicks raises a large number of chickens, and it is more convenient to raise them in chicken cages, which is also helpful for improving the brooding rate.

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