High Tech Hen Cage

Advantages and characteristics of high tech hen cage

The benefits and features of high tech hen cage are embodied in the design. The high tech hen cage provides a comfortable environment, making the chicken play a better role in the process of breeding, before high tech hen cage design mainly has the following advantages in network and door, cage rearing density, Get out of the Angle from these aspects more reflected the interests of the chicken.
The front net design of high tech hen cage is usually composed of vertical wire and a few horizontal wires. The gap of the vertical wire is between 4.5 and 6.5CM, and the cage door is usually connected with 2-3 metal wires, and it is like opening inside or outside.

Advantages of high tech hen cage

  1. The feeding position of chickens can be changed arbitrarily, and more chickens can be accommodated together.
  2. Simple structure and less materials.
  3. Installation control is relatively simple, easy to use.
  4. Reduce the chance of injury
  5. Better protection of chicken feathers.
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The main equipment required for high tech hen cage are: laying cages, automatic drinking water lines, automatic feeding machines, automatic dung cleaning machines, automatic temperature control ventilation equipment and automatic egg collection equipment.

1. Laying cages: laying cages are used for cage-raising equipment, which can make full use of the space of the hen house and save the use area of the hen house.

2. Automatic drinking water line, mainly including water storage tank, water pipe line, drinking water. Make sure each chicken has access to clean water.

3.Automatic feeder: feeder can realize multi-layer breeding automatic feeding, feeding machine has a special device to ensure that the feed can be evenly scattered to the trough, avoid waste.

4.Automatic manure cleaning machine: automatic manure cleaning machine can automatically and can be timed, so as to ensure the environment of the chicken house, greatly reduce the labor intensity, give the chickens a good air environment.

5.Automatic temperature control ventilation equipment: heating and cooling equipment, automatic adjustment of the hen house required temperature and ventilation volume, a comfortable and fresh environment for laying hens.

6. Automatic egg collecting machine: automatic egg picking machine is used to collect eggs specially equipment, the eggs are collected in a place for farmers to process, replacing the previous manual egg picking time and effort, improve the work efficiency, but also can be adjusted according to the need, reduce the damage rate.

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