High Tech Chicken Cage Price

For most people, the automatic chicken coop equipment is a relatively new type of machinery on the market, so many people do not know about high tech chicken cage price, but for farmers in large and medium-sized chicken farms, it is really cleaning chickens. It is a good helper for house manure, because the equipment has a good performance in cleaning the manure and dirt in the chicken house of the chicken farm.

The dung removal belt conveyor is simple, efficient and clean. The manure removal conveyor belt made of polypropylene (PP) collects manure under the chicken coop. The manure can be stored and ventilated on the conveyor belt for a period of 7 days. During the manure removal, the manure falls from the conveyor belts of each layer to the horizontal conveyor belt, and then can be conveyed. To the feces storage room or to the fecal transport vehicle through the inclined conveyor belt, and then finish the fecal cleaning work.

high tech chicken cage price

The thickened scraper made of high-quality materials ensures the service life of the fully automatic chicken coop equipment. The biggest advantage is that the facility can complete unmanned management, actively clean the manure regularly, and directly send the chicken manure to the manure outside the chicken house. On the car, the working hours for environmental purification can be set arbitrarily; there is no fermentation in the house, the concentration of ammonia gas increases, and the air in the house is cleaner; the level of automation is high, which reduces the labor intensity of farmers.

For chicken farms that are raising poultry more and more centrally, having a fully automatic chicken cage machine has become an indispensable tool. We all know that only by providing a good growing environment for chickens can we ensure the healthy growth of chickens, and can also well avoid the spread of epidemic diseases.

The series of broiler cages produced by our company are modern cage equipment designed through years of practice to fully meet the requirements of the breeding company to meet the requirements of national standardized feeding, and the broiler cage products produced by our company are affordable and reliable in quality. It is the choice of farmers when choosing breeding equipment. In addition to the price advantage, our company can also design various products according to the different requirements of the majority of farmers, and be responsible for installation, provide full technical consultation, and set up a channel for you with our integrity, excellent products and excellent after-sales service. Bridge to riches!

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