High Tech Chicken Cage Near Me

With the development of science and technology, chicken raising has achieved automatic operations from feeding, drinking, temperature adjustment, to egg picking, boxing, and automatic manure cleaning; of course, eggs are not simply collected, and the overall process is automated in high tech chicken cage near me.

The high tech chicken cage near me not only greatly saves manpower, but has changed from one floor to two floors, and the high tech chicken cage near me with 50,000 laying hens has increased to 100,000, saving about half of the land. A chicken house with 100,000 laying hens usually adopts 8-layer stacked feeding equipment with temperature control system, manure removal system, feeding system and egg collection system.


A computer can clearly see the production situation of the whole chicken house of high tech chicken cage near me at a glance. Not only that, the temperature and humidity automatic adjustment control equipment makes the heating, ventilation, temperature and humidity control of the chicken house realize computer monitoring. If the temperature of the chicken house is set to 22°C, the upper and lower levels are more than two degrees, the alarm system will sound, and the mobile phone can be used to remotely control the chicken farm.

After the use of high tech chicken cage near me, the overall control system of the entire chicken house will be unified into a cloud platform, allowing one person to manage 100,000 chickens. Breeding efficiency, these big data can match the optimized data, which is much smarter than the human brain.

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