Hi Tech Poultry Cage

The advantages of hi tech poultry cage are: better lighting, can collect natural light. The hi tech poultry cage has a large open area and good ventilation. Disadvantages are: low feeding density, covering a relatively large area; The chicken droppings from one layer fall on the chickens from the next; H type hi tech poultry cage equipment as the name implies is the chicken cage layer by layer to overlay, this equipment is invented later chicken equipment, because land resources are more and more tight, so in order to save land people invent H type hi tech poultry cage.
The hi tech poultry cage raising equipment is one of the earlier rise of chicken raising equipment, its typical characteristic is the overall structure is a-shaped, stable and durable structure. No matter be airtight chicken house or open type chicken house, can have good ventilation, the other step type facilitates lighting, illumination is good. Compared with the previous equipment, the hi tech poultry cage greatly improves the utilization rate of land and saves the cost of land input. The stacked laying equipment produced by FamTECH can realize the breeding density of 10 layers higher. It is a high degree of automation of the same kind of chicken raising equipment at present, to achieve intensive management of chickens, using a fully closed feeding mode.

hi tech poultry cage

Multi-layer hi tech poultry cage raising equipment includes automatic feeding, drinking water, dung cleaning, egg picking system, centralized management, automatic control, energy saving, improve labor productivity, feeding density of 25 per square meter, high-density feeding land saving, cost saving.
Layer-type hi tech poultry cage raising equipment is made of 275g galvanized sheet metal, made by high-precision technology lathe, the net is international hot dip zinc technology, corrosion resistant, service life up to 30 years.

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