Hi Tech Hen Cage

Main production process of egg from laying hens in hi tech hen cage

The production process of laying hens generally consists of two or three tiers, which include brood rearing chickens (0~140 days of age) and laying hens (141~532 days of age). The three tiers of hi tech hen cage included brooding (0 to 49 days of age), rearing (50 to 140 days of age) and laying eggs (141 to 532 days of age). Brood generally adopt brood umbrella flat brood, the inside of the umbrella evenly distributed heating tube, to ensure the environmental temperature needed by chicks. Complete sets of equipment such as temperature and environment control can be used in newly built farms with good conditions. The turnover process of chicken flocks was 30 to 40 days, and incubation, breeding and elimination were carried out successively.

hi tech hen cage

What are the main equipment of hi tech hen cage?

In order to ensure the integrity of eggs and facilitate the collection of eggs, adult laying hens are generally raised in hi tech hen cage, which can be divided into two modes: A type and H type. Stacking feeding method: from the stage of brooding to the stage of adult chickens, generally four layers are stacked, each building is set up about 10 groups, each building can raise 7500~8500 birds; Stacking of chicken coops using large four-layer overlapping hi tech hen cage or three-layer cages, four-layer cages are arranged in double row, each building can hold 7000 chickens; Laying hens adopt large two-storey full step laying cages, which are arranged in two whole hi tech hen cage and two half cages in three parallel corridors. Each building can hold about 5500 chickens. Natural lighting is the main lighting, supplemented by artificial lighting. Generally, artificial feeding, dung cleaning, egg picking, V-shaped water tank water supply, cleaning once a day. The chicken houses are open structure, adopt “long eaves, floor Windows, double rolling curtains” to adjust the house environment under different climate conditions. In terms of site layout and epidemic prevention, the following measures have been taken in hi tech hen cage:
1. Adjust measures to local conditions. The breeding area is located in the tuyere below the living area and far from the water source.
2. Clean and sewage channels shall be strictly separated, closed drains shall be established, and regular disinfection and cleaning shall be carried out to ensure their unobstructed flow.
3. Strictly control the circulation of vehicles and appliances in the venue.
4. Strictly control external vehicles and personnel, and conduct disinfection and isolation when entering and exiting.
5. The vehicles inside and outside the venue shall go their own way and do not enter each other’s venue.
6. There is a difference between the level of manure site and the level of chicken house.
7. A ditch is set in the middle of the egg storehouse to prevent the mixing of egg dishes inside and outside the egg storehouse.

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