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Whether the structural design of the chicken cage is reasonable will affect the economic benefits of raising chickens from the following aspects: one is how many “jamming chickens” and “don’t chickens” occur, the second is the level of egg breakage, and the third is chicken flocks. The severity of the stress response. Several key parts or parts are discussed below.
Rolling gap and rolling angle The rolling angle of the laying hen cage (that is, the angle between the bottom mesh plane and the horizontal plane of the chicken cage) is generally between 7 and 11 degrees. Because the egg rolls out quickly, the egg breaking rate increases. If the angle is too small, the phenomenon of “nesting eggs” is prone to occur, which will also increase the egg breaking rate. At present, the weight of the laying hens raised is relatively large, the bottom of the cage sinks more seriously, and the rolling angle of the bottom net should not be too small, generally 9-10 degrees is the most suitable. The rolling gap of the Hen cage price is the straight-line distance between the lower edge of the front net and the plane of the bottom net.

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Structure of back net and side net of hen cage price
The vertical wire spacing of the back mesh is generally the same as that of the front top mesh, while the vertical wire spacing of the side mesh can be larger or smaller. Regardless of the number of transverse steel wires in the two meshes, the distance between the adjacent two must be greater than 5 cm or less than 3 cm, and the distance between 3.5 and 4.5 cm is the most likely to jam the head or neck of the chicken. causing casualties. It is advisable to use a distance of about 3 cm between the horizontal steel wires in the lower half of the side net, which can prevent chickens in two adjacent single cages from pecking at each other. There should also be two or three narrow upper and lower gaps in the lower part of the back net. If there is only one narrow gap or none, the eggs will easily fall out of the cage when the chickens are laying eggs.
Any structure that violates the above design principles shall be regarded as an unreasonable structure.
Cage door of hen cage price
The poor structure of the cage door can easily lead to the phenomenon of “running chickens” and “injuring chickens”. The “running chicken” is mainly caused by the loose cage door and the “injured chicken” is mainly due to the protruding wire head on the cage door itself. When the free wire head is long, it is easy to pierce the neck of the chicken. skin, causing trauma or cervical dislocation. Regardless of whether it is a pull-out cage door or a corner cage door, there should be no free wire ends when it is not necessary. If it is determined that it needs to be retained, the length should not exceed 1cm. Useless wire ends can be chopped off or bent into loops if the problematic hen cage price has been purchased.

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