Hen Cage for Sale Near Me

Hen cage for sale near me(A-type) Specifications: Each chicken cage is 195cm long, 60cm wide and 43cm high, the chicken cage adopts the cold-drawn galvanizing system, the galvanizing is fine, durable, and has excellent corrosion resistance Function, the chicken cage can be used for 10-15 years under the condition of ensuring normal ventilation.

The hen cage for sale near me (H type) is a complete set of hot-dip galvanizing processes, which is corrosion-resistant and has a service life of more than 20 years; high-density rearing saves land, saving about 70% of land compared to stepped type; centralized management, saving energy and resources, reduce the incidence of poultry diseases, the unique cage door design, effectively prevent the chickens from shaking their heads up and down when feeding, wasting feed. Adopt an advanced ventilation system, lighting system, and automatic control system to fully save energy consumption, improve labor productivity, and improve the material-to-egg ratio. Save space and increase the stocking density to more than 62/m². It can also be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the site, and an automatic drinking water system can be installed; the conveyor belt-type manure is used to dry the chicken manure into granules, reducing environmental pollution, and the reuse rate of chicken manure is high; ecological/environmental protection, it is a green egg, Ideal feeding equipment for eco-friendly egg products.

hen cage for sale near me

A complete set of hen cage for sale near me includes:

  1. Cage body (customers can customize the size of the chicken cage, and the chicken cage door has horizontal sliding doors and vertical sliding doors.);
  2. Cage frame (made of angle iron and U-shaped steel, customers can customize it according to the actual situation.);
  3. Drinking fountains (with springs, steel balls, and hanging cups);
  4. Iron trough;
  5. Water pipes (the material is PVC, each 4 meters long);
  6. Water pipe and trough accessories (including elbow, tee, straight, buckle, food connection, food plug, water tank, water tank rack, etc.).

Advantages of hen cage for sale near me:

The front net design of the chicken cage is generally composed of vertical wires and a few horizontal wires. The cage wire gap is 5 cm, and the cage door is generally 2-3 wires, which are connected to the front net and open inward or inward. Our factory produces hen cage for sale near me, and its wire mesh diameter is 3.0mm high wire 235 hardness cold drawn wire, which is much higher than the 195 cold drawn wire used by general small factories. After ten or eight years, the elasticity is still as new.

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