H Type Broiler Cage

FamTECH Poultry can provide a series of high-quality services from the planning and design of the breeding farm to the construction of the factory area, from the configuration, installation and after-sales of the breeding equipment, to build a modern farm of h type broiler cage for customers, and has won the praise of customers at home and abroad.

In recent years, with the improvement of the research and development level of animal husbandry equipment, the development of automation level has been greatly promoted, and the labor cost has increased sharply. The method has a small footprint, high space utilization, and layered cleaning of chicken manure, which not only improves the utilization rate of chicken manure, but also reduces the degree of environmental pollution.

product h broiler chicken cage

Features of h type broiler cage

1 The mesh of the stacked chicken cage is relatively smooth, which can prevent the chicken feet from being injured and infected.

2. The separation net and bottom net of the h type broiler cage are encrypted, which can prevent feather pecking and anus pecking and laying hen fatigue syndrome.

3 The mesh of the h type broiler cage is galvanized, which can improve the service life and can generally be used for about 15 years.

The high-density feeding of 4-layer h type broiler cage saves more land, is conducive to epidemic prevention, and can also reduce the incidence of problems.

The unique door reinforcement design of the 5-layered h type broiler cage can effectively prevent the chickens from shaking and wasting feed when feeding, and because the cage door has a large space, it is convenient for management.

FamTECH Poultry produces chicken equipment including: layer cages, broiler cages, h type broiler cage, brooding cages, rooster cages, and laying hen cages. Welcome new and old customers to call and visit.

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