Chicken Steel Cage for Sale

Structure and quality of chicken steel cage for sale

Chicken steel cage for sale is generally welded with angle steel or stamped with steel plate. No matter what method is used to make it, it must be strong and pressure-resistant. If the cage is not strong, the phenomenon of “collapse” will occur, and “collapse” will damage the chicken cage. And water, feed trough, resulting in a strong stress response of the flock, resulting in a decline in egg production. This phenomenon is prone to occur when the solder joint is not strong or the angle steel used is hard and brittle or too thin. After the chicken cage is installed, an appropriate distance should be maintained between the upper and lower layers, that is, the gap between the top net of the lower cage and the lowest point of the bottom net of the upper cage should not be less than 4 cm, which can prevent the head of the chickens in the lower cage from getting stuck in this cage. death in the gap. The installed top net of the chicken coop should be kept level, not leaning forward or backward. At the intersection of the inclined beam of the cage frame and the bottom net of the chicken cage, a horizontal support should be welded to support the bottom of the chicken cage, so that the feed trough does not bear the weight of the chicken cage and the chickens. The distance between the bottom net of the lowermost chicken steel cage for sale and the ground should not be less than 25 cm, otherwise it will hinder manual manure removal.

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Sink and Feeder

Identifying the pros and cons of water troughs and feed troughs mainly focuses on two aspects, one is the quality of the material, and the other is the structure of the section. Regardless of the shape of the trough section, it must be convenient for filling and must have folds that prevent the feed from being pulled out by the chickens. This hemming plays an important role in preventing feed waste. Generally, the bottom surface of the trough should not be too wide, preferably no more than 10 cm, and if it is too wide, it will hinder egg picking. There are two types of water tank sections: “V” shape and “U”, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The “V” shape water tank is easy to overlap, and the “U” shape tank has better strength and can hold a large amount of water but cannot be overlapped. The method of overlap Easy to repair when water leaks at the joint. The production materials of sinks and feed troughs are now mostly made of plastic. Although the iron troughs have high strength, they are easy to corrode, and their lifespan is generally less than 3 years, and the cost is very high. The high-quality plastic groove is corrosion-resistant, strong, low cost, light weight and long life. As far as possible, the plastic tank should not use the inferior tank that is broken after a fall. This tank is easy to deform, has a short life, and is easy to damage. In the long run, its investment is higher than that of high-quality tanks. During installation, the chicken cage cannot be pressed on the plastic trough, but the chicken cage bottom should be welded to the chicken steel cage for sale to support the bottom of the cage. If you use a nipple-type automatic drinker or a bowl-shaped automatic drinker on the chicken cage, you must confirm the quality of the product before installing it. Before using a large number of people, you must install a small amount for testing. The drinking fountain should first sediment and filter the water to prevent water leakage caused by foreign objects entering the drinking fountain.
Although the structure of chicken steel cage for sale is simple, all aspects from material to structure, from quality to installation are closely related to the management and economic benefits of the chicken farm. Cause trouble and loss to yourself. Therefore, chicken cages should be purchased from regular manufacturers or distributors with strong technical strength. Do not misuse low-quality chicken cages because of cheapness. At the same time, manufacturers or distributors must also fully pay attention to the structure and quality of chicken cages, and must deal with existing problems. Make timely improvements and avoid being self-righteous or irresponsible, so as to bring long-term benefits to yourself.

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