Chicken Brooding Cage

Chicken brooding cage is a kind of equipment for raising chicks widely used at home and abroad. The reason for its wide application is that the chicken brooding cage provides a comfortable environment for chickens so that chickens can grow faster and lay more eggs during the breeding process. To save time and money, the advantages of chicken brooding cage are mainly reflected in the front net and cage door, the density of cage feeding and so on.

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  1. In recent years, the scale of the breeding industry has gradually expanded. In the future of China’s laying hen industry, the theme of breeding should be medium-sized farms with a scale of 100,000 to 500,000, small farms with a scale of less than 100,000 and large farms with a scale of more than 500,000. , will not occupy a large proportion.
  2. The production efficiency has been improved and the degree of automation has been strengthened. In recent years, with the gradual expansion of the single-family breeding scale and the use of automated breeding equipment, the unit yield of chicks in large-scale farms has gradually increased.
  3. The environmental protection threshold of chick breeding is getting higher and higher, and it has become a hot spot in the breeding field. Biogas digesters and organic fertilizers should be feasible directions, and government departments have relevant policy support. Innocent treatment, the chicken farm in the future must be no different from a modern factory.

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