Brooder Cage Design

At present, brooder cage design is an indispensable equipment in my chicken raising industry. Chicken raising equipment is constantly being updated with the development of chicken raising industry. The brooder cage design can improve the utilization rate of houses and land, reduce the cost of raising, and effectively improve labor productivity and other advantages, combined with the development and utilization of the full-time closed environment control mode, a set of high-efficiency laying hen breeding management mode can be formed.

Common brooder cage design on the market, the size is 195×35×38, and the three-layer weight is 45KG. One is five doors, and one door can hold 3 chickens. In addition, there is another kind of laying hen cage independently developed by our company. The size is 195×45×41, and the three-layer weight is 54KG. One is also five doors, but one door can hold 4 chickens, and one is equivalent to raising 5 more chickens. If you choose this kind of brooder cage design, it is recommended that the three-layer manure ditch is 2 meters wide, and the upper layer of chicken manure will not fall on the lower layer of chickens.

Different brooder cage design

  1. Cage:
    The chickens after de-warming are transferred to the brooder cage design. The advantage is that the space can be fully utilized, the chickens do not touch the feces, the disease is less, it is easy to catch the chickens, and the labor intensity of the breeders is reduced. The disadvantage is that the chickens raised for a long time have a greater stress response, and the breasts and legs of the chickens are prone to lesions.
  2. Floor:
    Flat raising can be divided into online flat raising and ground flat raising. Online flat raising is the same as cage raising, but chickens have a large amount of activity and are not easy to get sick. Of course, the cost is higher. Flat raising on the ground is to put wheat straw, chaff, rapeseed husks and other bedding materials on the cement floor, and raise the chickens on it. Large, the litter does not need to be replaced, the disadvantage is that the chickens directly defecate on the litter, which can easily induce some diseases.
  3. Stocking:
    Immediately put the chickens outdoors, let them withstand sunlight, contact the soil, and find some mineral feed and insects, and drive the chickens back to the house at noon and night to supplement feed. The advantage of this method is to let the chickens return to nature. The meat quality of chicken is very good, and the price is high. The disadvantage is that the demand is large, so the breeding plan is limited. This method is suitable for farmers to raise a small amount of free-range.
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